Shakira as Jessica Rabbit: the change of look is spectacular

Shakira as Jessica Rabbit: the change of look is spectacular

Shakira surprised her fans with a spectacular change of look: on Instagram she showed her new red hair

Shakira and Gerard Piqué, couple's birthday: relationship, career and children

Shakira surprised her fans with a truly spectacular look – the singer changed her hair color, showing the result on Instagram.

In the post published on social media she showed an intense red hair with fuchsia shades, although she specified to her fans – while she is intent on straightening her hair – that it was not the color she wanted: "My idea was that they were more pink, but the color was finished and I mixed it with another product I had, and it came out… more intense ”.

The short video shared with the followers was accompanied by the caption "Surprise!", And within a few hours it was full of likes and comments: "You are enchanting!", "Divina", "Stupenda", wrote the users . Despite the mistake, the result is truly surprising and it is undeniable that Shakira with this hair is even more beautiful.

After all, it is not the first time that the Colombian singer amazes with a change of look, and this time, without going through a salon, she decided to experiment at her house, leaving her admirers speechless. And it seems that he wanted to follow the trend of the moment, which – for those who want to dare – has brightly colored hair as protagonists, from blue to purple, passing through red and pink.

But colored hair is nothing new for Shakira: many will remember her at the end of the nineties with a very different look than the blonde hair she has accustomed us to in the last period. Just look at the video clip of Ojos así, which, in addition to taking you back in time – perhaps with a hint of melancholy – will show that her hair was completely red and with dark roots in contrast, with braids that made her hair lion. It is no coincidence that many have referred, in their comments, to that period, also citing the song in question: "The Shakira of the 2000s is coming back," someone wrote.

A few days Shakira celebrated her 44th birthday: it was actually a double party in the pop star's house because on February 2, her birthday, her husband Gerard Piqué was also born.

Shakira, the change of look

Shakira's change of look

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