Sharon Stone on Instagram: "My sister has Coronavirus, wear a mask"

Sharon Stone on Instagram: "My sister has Coronavirus, wear a mask"

Sharon Stone on Instagram talks about her grief, revealing that her sister Kelly discovered she had the Coronavirus

Anger and pain, these are the feelings that can be clearly read on the face of Sharon Stone who told the drama of her sister, suffering from Coronavirus. Kelly, who is a singer, is also suffering from Lupus, an autoimmune disease that makes her even more fragile. On Instagram, the Hollywood star shared a series of photos and a touching message in which she shared her pain, but she also asked everyone to wear a mask to limit infections.

Sharon posted a photo of a room with a hospital bed and ventilation equipment. "Could you face this room alone?" Asked the actress, shortly after sharing an image from the past in which her sister smiles with her husband. Kelly suffers from a chronic disease that makes her immunosuppressed and is now battling Covid-19.

"My sister Kelly, who already suffers from lupus, now has COVID-19 – said Sharon Stone, without hiding her concern -. This is his hospital room. It's the fault of some of you who weren't wearing the mask. You don't have an immune system. The only place she went was the pharmacy. You are not tested in its state unless you have symptoms and you still have to wait five days to see the results. Could you face this room alone? Put on the mask! Do it for yourself and for others. Please".

In a video in which she appears very worn, Sharon then spoke about the condition of her mother, suffering from heart, and the difficulty of taking swabs. The Hollywood star has urged fans to vote on the occasion of the presidential elections in which Donald Trump will attempt to be re-elected to the White House. "Vote to live," he wrote in the caption of the clip. Alyssa Milano, actress of Streghe who contracted the Coronavirus, also commented on the star's post, telling about the disease on Instagram. "I love you – he wrote -. I'm sorry for your unimaginable pain, but I'm so thankful you made this video. Thank you".

Even Kelly Stone, from her hospital bed, never stops sending messages and asking everyone to wear a mask. Sharon's sister and singer shared her experience in some videos. "We thought Covid would never catch us – he explained -. We didn't go shopping, no parties, rarely saw other people. And now I fight for a breath. None of you would like Covid ”.

"I beg you to understand that all this is real – he reveals in another clip -. Gasping for each breath without oxygen. Please do it for the people you love. Take more tests and more masks. Ask anyone to wear the mask. You would never, ever want to feel like this, I guarantee you ”.

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