She has lost thirty pounds and now it is: do you recognize her?

She has lost thirty pounds and now it is: do you recognize her?

He stopped smoking cigarettes, eating meat and drinking fizzy drinks. She said enough to sedentary life and gave herself to pilates. and this is the result

From skinny to curvy and vice versa: VIP weight obsession

In three years he has lost thirty kilos. Do you understand who it is? It is the singer Adele who in 2008 bewitched the world during a performance at Saturday Night Live and has now entrusted her new image to social media with black and white photos where she appears in splendid shape and slim.

Adele has decided to completely change her lifestyle and lose weight drastically. In an interview with People, he confessed that he did it for his health. He stopped eating meat, drinking fizzy drinks and smoking cigarettes.

The singer wanted to emphasize that she decided to go on a diet only for her well-being:

I never wanted to look like cover women. I represent the majority of women and I am very proud of this.

The first signs of the change began in 2013, when it appeared on the cover of Vogue Usa. Now thanks to the vegetarian diet (find out why your diet does not work) she has managed to lose weight and find the line.

Far from the emaciated thinness of some of her VIP colleagues, the pop star has revealed that she feels:

Better and better, both physically and mentally.

Motherhood also helped her. In fact, Adele has a 3 year old son, Angelo. Ever since he was born, the 27-year-old singer has decided to end his sedentary lifestyle and started doing Pilates and long walks.

And another good news comes for his fans. According to Billboard, his new album should be released later in November, the third after four years of silence.

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