Shiny and healthy nails without polish, no one knows this super simple trick

Today we present you a one-of-a-kind manicure: you won’t even have to resort to nail polish to get shiny and chic nails!

We all want some nails beautiful, healthy and shiny. But often this is not the case. In fact, many try to cover imperfections with glazes or fancy patterns.

shiny nails


Every so often, however, it is necessary to let our nails rest. And we have found out how. Just resort to Japanese manicure. But what exactly is it about? Read on to find out.

An alternative manicure to get shiny nails

It’s amazing what your fingernails and hands can reveal about your health. All the ingredients used during the Japanese manicure are made from natural materials. The tools used are nail files in ceramic. Disinfectants, oils and creams are also made with natural ingredients. Among the most commonly used are beeswax, pearl powder, ginseng, rice milk, beeswax, algae extract, vanilla extract and lotus.

Japanese manicure


The idea behind this manicure is to restore weakened and damaged nails to theirs natural splendor. Although amazing results can be seen already after the first application of this manicure, several sessions are required for the nails to become firm, smooth and elastic and acquire a healthy pink hue and natural shine. But what does the treatment consist of? Basically, after removing the nail polish and the professional applies a disinfectant liquid hot containing beeswax. Then he proceeds with the filing of the nails to obtain the desired length and shape. The next step is the elimination of the cuticles, which are softened with jojoba oil and pushed with a ceramic stick.

Then a cream is applied to the nail bed, also made up of several natural ingredients. Then we move on to polishing and then apply the paste with a leather polishing tool, which should strengthen the nail bed. This is prepared with sea grass, Beeswax and several oils such as jojoba, bamboo and red tea. The paste is gently spread over the entire nail and dabbed deep into the nail bed. Finally, we move on to the application of the film polishing, which is dabbed on the nail bed.

It is a powder that is applied with another polishing tool. The protective film helps to achieve softness and shine and protects the nail from damage. This particular film includes ingredients such as ginseng and pearl powder. This is a process that is usually repeated 2 to 3 times. Finally, we practice a regenerating massage to the hands, using warm essential oils that help increase blood circulation, relieve tension and relax the hands.