Short hair: cuts, colors, hairstyles and everything you need to know

Short hair: cuts, colors, hairstyles and everything you need to know

From pixie cut to wavy bob, from platinum blonde to red: here are all the colors and the perfect cuts for those who love short hair

Shameful, trendy and sexy: short hair is always in fashion. Beloved by the stars and ordinary women, who choose this look to feel "comfortable", but also super feminine. Not by chance every year the short hair is fashionable, with cuts ranging from xs to medium-short solutions. There really is something for everyone, even if choosing your best cut is not always easy.

Short hair: cuts

Among the must haves when it comes to short hair there is undoubtedly the pixie cut. Also in this case there are numerous versions of the timeless look. The most rock is the one that is very paraded with a side fringe or a rebel tuft. Those who want a more bon ton hair style could bet on a very short fringe, combined with regular lengths, or on a very short and slightly rounded bob.

As always, before choosing a cut it is best to ask the hairdresser for advice, who will direct you towards the best solution. Particularly when talking about pixie cut it is recommended to focus on scaling and asymmetrical lines if you have a round face.

For girls with wavy or curly hair, who love short cuts, there is only one solution: the wavy bob. The most popular style for stars who have been on the catwalk and red carpet for years. Scaled and uneven, this look is easy to show off and is perfect for any occasion. It's fine both day and night, with bangs or with the middle line. The important thing is that there are always soft waves, be they the beach waves, with the natural effect, or the flat waves, vintage and diva.

Finally, we couldn't miss the swag, perfect for those looking for a carefree style and rock. Designed for a medium or long cut, this hair style is also perfect for those who love short hair. Just remove the tips a lot, leaving the top fuller and add a fabulous Seventies-style fringe.

Short hair: colors and shades

Short hair is not only comfortable to wear and glam, but it is also perfect for showing off intense and particular colors, which would not look good on long hair. The nuance that best matches the short is undoubtedly the blonde, in all its nuances, to transform hair into a spectacular “light point”. The must is the superbiondo, better if in a platinum version, to feel icy and sexy. If you don't feel like daring too much, however, you can focus on other equally beautiful shades that give three-dimensionality and dynamism to the hair, creating contrasts of light and volume.

For example, you have never thought of a blond in the tones of cinnamon or caramel, with nuances that are inspired by spices. Those who prefer less warm colors, the ideal is a blond with ice undertone, perfect for highlighting the features of the face. Space also for those who love browns. Opt for a shade rich in nuances, such as mahogany or carcass, in which the hairdresser can try his hand at tone on tone. Bronze and bronde are also excellent, while red is the cherry red.

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