Short hair, take a cue from the celebs

Short hair, take a cue from the celebs

Short cuts, more and more stars prefer them. Here are the advantages and rules for having irresistible short hair

VIDEO: Girl cuts her long hair. Here is his transformation. Taken from SEVENTEEN: COM

Short cut, why not? More and more actresses and singers choose it and many do not abandon it anymore. Even the very affectionate to the long hair have turned. Last in order of time Nina Moric, who is doing really well. Even the singer Alessandra Amoroso, after a period in which she wore a medium length, returned to short hair. And so did Paz Vega, Tyra Banks, Kate Mara and Asia Argento, just to name a few. Little girl cuts, wavy, scaled and a little longer to play with styling. Face in the foreground and important accessories to emphasize the haircut, like important earrings.

Short and very short: Charlize Theron, she showed him for years managing to be hyper-feminine even with very short military style hair. Basic short cut with line on one side. A godsend for those with little time for styling but still want to be in order. Suitable for those who, like Charlize, have regular and delicate features and want to make their eyes stand out even more.

Even though it has now converted to extensions, the neo-punk cut by Miley Cyrus has set a trend. Short on the sides with a rebellious tuft that stands out on the head. How the pixie cut continues to be in vogue, sported by Anne Hathaway and Michelle Williams: a very short cut on the sides with a side tuft that covers the forehead. A short and well-studied cut can be extremely feminine, as it enhances the features of the face – especially if regular – and sublimates the look.

Before deciding to cut your hair short and inspire you to a cut that fits your favorite star, you need to analyze your face shape and your propensity to keep them cured, as this is definitely a high maintenance cut that often has need some styling every morning as well as frequent visits to the hairdresser.

First of all, it is better not to cut your hair short if you have big ears or an important nose, which would be emphasized by removing decidedly charm. If you are tall, short hair is fine, if you are not, you can choose a "disheveled" haircut that will allow you to play with tuft, adding a few centimeters to your stature.

An oval face is perfect for any type of cut, even short. If you have a square face better a cut, even short, but faded to avoid overloading the features.
The short cuts require more maintenance than the others, especially if your hair is curly: to make the locks fall where you want it is necessary a daily styling action. Furthermore, visits to the hairdresser are mandatory, at least every two months. If you are willing to do all this, then you are ready for a super trendy short cut.

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