Side B, 3 effective exercises to slim the buttocks

Have you ever seen an athlete with the buttocks dishes? In this area of ​​the body (unlike the breast, for example) physical activity is a guarantee of beauty. But in addition to the aesthetic question, having a side B toned it is also important from a functional point of view, as he explains Massimo Pirolatrainer in Milan: “The action of these muscle groups, which are divided into small, medium and large gluteus, is essential for stabilize the pelvis, support the standing position and walk correctly. If they are trained, the body weighs less on the leg and hip joints ».

Try the exercises that we propose here, to be repeated even every day. Our expert offers you a tailor-made solution, based on your wishes: do you want to pull up the B side? Give it shape? Reduce roundness? Here’s how to do it.

How to slim down your buttocks

Do you lead a sedentary lifestyle and have a few extra pounds? If they have accumulated on the buttocks and thighs, focus on training aimed at calorie consumption: large movements with sets consisting of many repetitions to sweat and burn; plus two sessions a week of aerobic activity: running, cycling, swimming.
Repeat each exercise 20 times for 4 sets.

1. Squat Jump

275392It is a dynamic variation of the squat. Start standing, legs shoulder-width apart. Bend your knees, shifting your body weight to your heels. Then, when you go up, perform a small jump, to immediately return to squat. So combine the benefits of the squat with calorie expenditure.
When you are more fit, you can wear 1-2 kg anklets per leg to intensify the exercise.

2. Jumping Lunges

275393Take a long step forward and bend your knees, lifting the heel of the back leg. Stabilize the balance. Then try to make a small jump when you come up and reverse the position of the legs. So, repeat.
To intensify the exercise you can use 1-2 kg anklets per leg.

3. Burpees

It is a very dynamic exercise. Start standing, if you want you can stretch upwards by lifting yourself up on your toes. Then, flex your knees, lean forward, hands on the ground, jump back with your legs aligning your torso and pelvis. Contracted buttocks and abdomen, shoulders in line with the wrists. With another jump, return to the starting position, bringing your feet close to your hands again and stand up.
If you have good movement control, after a few weeks, you can step up with 1-2 kg anklets per leg.


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