Side B as Jennifer Lopez, the last passion of the Californians

Side B as Jennifer Lopez, the last passion of the Californians

It is not the design for a tribal tattoo but the guidelines for plastic surgery. Not botox nor breast implants: the new trend in cosmetic surgery is the enhancement of the b side, with a silhouette inspired by Jennifer Lopez's famous lower back.

In fact, 40% of Californians who choose to retouch themselves ask for a new rear. "The threadlike figure that was in fashion in the 90s is now gone, women want beautiful curves and rounded and sustained buttocks, the models that are imposed are those of Jennifer Lopez, Kim Kardashian, Nikki Minaj and Salma Hayek", explains the Dr. Ghavami.

In his clinic, which is very popular in Los Angeles, he does not use prostheses that over time can create problems, but he chooses a "more natural" way. The surgeon takes the fat from the stomach, arms and legs and places it in the patient's back.

The operation takes four hours and costs an average of $ 14,000, but the effect, assures the doctor, is natural. Nine out of ten women after the surgery declared themselves fully satisfied and turned back only to admire their new rear that challenges the force of gravity.

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