Silk pillowcases: the must-have accessory for more beautiful skin and hair

More and more people are choosing silk pillowcases to sleep at night: but what are the real benefits of this fabric on skin and hair?

Silk pillowcases are the real must have for skin and hair of 2021. Why? Apparently they have an anti-aging effect just while you sleep. In fact, they are less aggressive than cotton, linen or even polyester and, in the long run, can have beneficial effects, complementing treatments and products applied to the face and hair.


  • The silk pillowcase is a winning ally for shiny and disciplined hair
  • Silk linen is a powerful anti-aging without doing anything special except sleep
  • How to treat silk pillowcases?

The silk pillowcase is a winning ally for shiny and disciplined hair

In fact, silk is a smooth fabric that does not create friction like other materials and thus prevents the onset of split ends as well as hair that breaks or becomes electrified. In the morning, the hair will appear more disciplined and without frizz, because during the night, turning and moving the head, the hair will slide on the silk, without tangling. The silk pillowcases are also particularly suitable for wavy, curly or dry hair, because they prevent it from drying out even more or the curl and the wave from flattening, leaving them shiny at the same time.

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Silk linen is a powerful anti-aging without doing anything special except sleep

Not just hair, though: silk is also a cure-all for the skin. Cotton, being rougher, is as if it scratches it because it is harder, that's why you wake up in the morning with pillow marks and furrows on your face. Silk, on the other hand, is delicate and does not attack the skin of the face, thus avoiding the appearance of premature wrinkles and that these signs, in the long run, turn into signs of aging. The so-called sleep folds, in fact, in the long run can turn into real wrinkles, remaining on the face permanently.

Another feature of silk is that, compared to other fabrics, it is less absorbent and therefore ensures that the products applied, especially on the face, penetrate deeply into the skin without being absorbed by the pillowcase. In addition to not wasting product, then, the silk pillowcase is ideal for those with dry skin precisely because by applying expensive, moisturizing and nourishing night products, they remain on the skin without the fabric removing a part of it, as is the case. of cotton.

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But that's not all, because silk also has a breathable capacity, which makes it so suitable in every season: it is a natural regulator of body temperature and therefore in summer it prevents you from sweating and keeps you cool, while in winter it is not cold. It is also hypoallergenic, therefore perfect for particularly sensitive skin.

Therefore, silk is truly a full-fledged beauty treatment that works at night while we sleep. In fact, rest is important for the overall health of the body and, given that we spend a third of our life sleeping, it is essential to do it in the best way, also benefiting skin and hair in a simple way, like resting your head on a pillow without it.

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How to treat silk pillowcases?

The only care in choosing silk linen is during the washing, drying and ironing phase, because it is a delicate fabric that can be easily damaged. First of all, it should be washed at least once a week to remove dust, bacteria, dirt and dead cells that are deposited on the fabric. Prefer delicate laundry detergents, preferably liquid to avoid friction with the rougher powder, without bleaches, bleaches or enzymes.

Depending on the type of pillowcase, you will have to follow the precise instructions always shown on the label or on the packaging: some in fact can also be washed in the washing machine together with the laundry of the delicates. However, it is better not to use a centrifuge to remove the water or otherwise limit the revolutions. For an even more delicate wash, remember to put the silk pillowcase in a mesh bag to protect it further.

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As for drying, however, never expose the silk under direct sunlight or even on heat sources such as radiators because it could stain, discolour or turn yellow. It is also better not to use the dryer but to let it dry naturally in the air, in order to prevent it from being damaged by excessive heat but also by the continuous fractionation inside it.

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