Simona Ventura, after Bettarini the rediscovery of love with Terzi

Today is another day, Simona Ventura confesses to Bortone about Bettarini and Terzi: two different but happy loves.

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As a guest in Serena Bortone's living room at Today is another day, Simona Ventura retraced part of her childhood, in the mountains with her grandparents, but above all she confessed to the great loves of her life, from Stefano Bettarini to her current partner Giovanni Terzi. He speaks of himself as a not very charismatic but gritty person, always able to see the beauty in people. Even in Bettarini, despite the betrayals and the end of their love story.

“I was a very shy child, sport was my salvation. I was in poor health, I lived in the mountains with my grandparents. My family is very important to me. " And in fact she defines herself as a mother hen, with the children – Niccolò and Giacomo – had by her ex-husband, Stefano Bettarini. But it is on Giovanni Terzi that he lets himself go, defining it as "the love I did not expect". With him she discovered a new way of loving, much more sensitive.

In the studio the emotion is high, especially when Serena Bortone announces a message from Giovanni Terzi for Simona Ventura. "Hello my love. Talking about Simona is complicated and simple, she is a locomotive, which carries many wagons behind her. She saved my life, she managed to give you a different meaning. " Phrases full of meaning, which do not embarrass Ventura, but rather show herself strongly proud (and even a little touched).

Terzi then continues: “Mine is the life of a man who wants to have projects together with his partner. Simona is strong, but also fragile, she has the ability to face every problem with incredible serenity. Its strength is the smile that every day gives to each of us. I love you and I thank you for everything you are doing for me and for my whole family. "

When Bortone talks about Stefano Bettarini, Ventura lets herself go to the memories of her youth. "When you are young, love is a roller coaster, you seek extreme happiness. Instead, as an adult, he becomes much more aware, measured, sensitive. You also appreciate the little things. "

His life, with Giovanni, is now complete and happy. And on Stefano, he admits that “the stories end due to the fault and thanks of both of them. Over time you remember the best things, Stefano remember the good moments, today we are both happy with other stories and this makes me happy. I'm always looking for peace. "

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