Simona Ventura, alongside Terzi in the fight against the disease

Simona Ventura, alongside Terzi in the fight against the disease

Giovanni Terzi speaks for the first time about his illness and about the strength of love for Simona Ventura, capable of overcoming everything

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Giovanni Terzi talks about the fight against the disease and the support of Simona Ventura, the woman who gave her great strength. A love, that between the journalist and the presenter, arrived with maturity and for this reason even more solid, strong and romantic. The first meeting thanks to mutual friends, when Super Simo had recently ended the relationship with Gerò Carraro and was determined to focus only on the career, then the acquaintance and a feeling that immediately became very important.

So much so that the couple will get married in 2022. This was announced by Giovanni Terzi who for the first time gave a name to the disease he is fighting against. This is amiopathic dermatomyositis, an autoimmune disease characterized by inflammatory and degenerative changes that lead to consequences for the lungs. "I discovered I had this disease last year in the Aosta Valley – he confessed to the weekly DiPiù -: during a walk in the mountains I found myself completely out of breath. It is a disease that cannot be cured: I can only hope to keep it from getting worse. And it is a disease that can cost me my life at any moment. The ultimate solution would be a transplant of both lungs. If I took Covid again I would not make it – he added – (…) 40% of the tissue of my lungs is now out of use ".

Fortunately, Simona Ventura is supporting him. The presenter and the journalist are inseparable and could not be more in love. After the marriage ended with Stefano Bettarini (now linked to Nicoletta Larini) and the long relationship with Gerò Carraro, Super Simo seems to have found the man of his life. Journalist and writer, Terzi is the father of Lodovico and Giulio and was able to reunite the family, creating an excellent bond with Caterina, Niccolò and Giacomo, children of the presenter. Between the two there is a very strong and wonderful feeling that will soon lead them to the wedding. "My situation is tough but I don't lose heart because I have a great resource: Simona Ventura – he concluded -. With his love he helps me to live. If my illness does not get worse, 2022 will be the year of our wedding ".

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