Simona Ventura, because the wedding with Terzi has not yet arrived

The presenter Simona Ventura revealed to Gente why she has not yet married Giovanni Terzi and spoke of their (great) love

Venice 2021, Simona Ventura cyclone at the Lido in white pants

Venice 2021, Simona Ventura cyclone at the Lido in white pants

One of the most sparkling loves in the Italian show business is certainly the one between Simona Ventura and Giovanni Terzi. The bubbly and lively couple is often the protagonist on social media, where they show their everyday life and the happiest moments. However, why, despite the enormous affection that binds them, the wedding has not yet arrived? The reason was revealed by the presenter during an interview.

Simona Ventura explains why there has not yet been a wedding with Giovanni Terzi

The love story between Simona Ventura and Giovanni Terzi continues at full speed: they are serene together, happy to be able to live each other. By now, the bond has been solid for three and a half years. The marriage, however, will be there (at least, it is their intention for the future). And if so far they have not been celebrated there is a reason, and it does not in any way concern any second thoughts or doubts.

“In our future there are weddings, but every time we talk about it something happens that prevents us from organizing them as we would like: first the pandemic broke out, now the war”, explained in the course of her interview with Gente the presenter, who recently seen on TV in the Last Stop program. The show, although the impeccable conduct of Chivasso’s Tigre, did not take off, and was called a “copy” of Temptation Island a bit clumsy.

The first details on the wedding

For the moment, the wedding is planned, and some details have been shared. Of course, the big step will take place in style, but in total safety. “We would like a risk-free party, to enjoy it with the people of our heart next to us. I say this softly, but I’m sure we will make it. Our love is strong, it expresses itself every day: together we are able to overcome any adversity. We already feel deeply connected, we already feel like a family: only faiths are missing “.

In fact, it is not compulsory to marry to feel like a family: far from it. For Ventura, Giovanni is a great love and has repeatedly talked about their special bond. So much so that they still consider themselves an extended family. “For me the family is essential, for Giovanni too: we are no longer two, we are one. And this one has five satellites. We are happy and they are equally happy in seeing us like this “.

Simona Ventura, the special bond with Terzi

Also in Gente, Simona Ventura wanted to reaffirm her love for Terzi and above all she retraced the beginnings: “I have always believed in love, but I had never found such a complementary and similar person. When we met we were a bit like two lone wolves, two that had closed up a bit. I thought that probably I would have many things in life, but not love, that I would be alone, with my children, and I already considered myself lucky “.

He also admitted that he somehow changed her, making her a better person: “In being more sensitive, sweeter. I had become more closed, tougher, it was no longer me. Our love is therapy. She has given me back enthusiasm, energy, strength, serenity and balance ”. We hope that the wedding bells will ring soon to make their dream come true.

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