Simona Ventura negative at Covid: the announcement on Instagram

Simona Ventura negative at Covid: the announcement on Instagram

Simona Ventura, after about three weeks of isolation, finally tested negative for Covid-19. To announce it herself through her Instagram profile

Simona Ventura in shape with Giovanni Terzi

Great news for Simona Ventura, who after about three weeks of isolation, finally tested negative for Covid-19. Furthermore, the same outcome for all his family members. After pausing her life and all her work projects, the presenter can take her life in hand again and return to devote herself to her work and her loved ones.

Ventura announced the negativity of the tampon through her Instagram profile, on which, throughout the quarantine period, she continuously gave updates to her fans on her state of health. Therefore, he could not refrain from giving the news in first person:

Great news, we are all negative. I must say that coming out of such a thing is a relief, it has been a very formative, very profound period for our family during these three weeks. Between the fear that things could get worse and the hope of negativizing ourselves as soon as possible. So it was truly a time I will never forget.

Simona Ventura's first thought immediately went to all those who are fighting this health emergency on the front line: doctors, nurses and health personnel. He reserved words of great closeness and affection to them:

I want to tell you one thing, I will always be on the side of the doctors, the health personnel, the nurses who are in the ward every day to save lives. I will always be on your side, you are our angels.

Ventura, due to Covid-19, has not only had to face concern for her health and that of her loved ones, but has also had to give up great job opportunities. It should have been, in fact, alongside Amadeus and Fiorello in one of the evenings of the Sanremo 2021 Festival. After this enormous disappointment, however, she is ready to go back to work and take her revenge:

Now I'm back on the pitch, on March 31 we have Game of Games and a lot of other things I'm going to tell you about

Simona Ventura, although marked by recent experience, appeared more determined and charged than ever. Soon it will return to keep the Italian public company with Game of Game – Gioco Loco, which will be broadcast in prime time on Rai Due. And, according to the presenter, this is not the only surprise she has in store for her supporters. What are you working on?

Simona Ventura negative at Covid

Simona Ventura is finally negative at Covid: the announcement on Instagram.

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