Simona Ventura positive at Covid, the first words: "I hope to be a rock"

After discovering she was positive at Covid, Simona Ventura shared an important message on Instagram

Simona Ventura has recently had a positive swab at Covid-19, so she had to give up her participation in the Sanremo 2021 Festival. After the announcement, which arrived thanks to Amadeus during a press conference, the presenter broke the silence with a video she shared on Instagram.

Amadeus, at the helm of this edition of the singing festival, revealed only a few hours ago – during the daily traditional press conference in the week of the Festival – that Simona Ventura could not have attended the final evening. Highly anticipated by the public, the presenter would have had to go down the famous staircase to accompany Amadeus and Fiorello in this adventure. However, just before leaving for Sanremo, one of the many swabs carried out to ensure maximum safety for those who work in the entertainment world had a positive outcome.

The Ventura, the day following the announcement that left everyone surprised, decided to break the silence by talking about it in a short video posted on Instagram. At first he dedicated a thought to his dear friends, busy with the Sanremo 2021 Festival: “I wanted to wish good luck to Ama and Fiore who I have known for many years, this evening would have been a reunion. We move it a bit and we will certainly be able to do it again on another occasion "- revealed Simona.

So, he appealed to all his fans: “I want to tell you one thing, don't let your guard down, please. I understand that we have been locked inside for a year. I don't know how I contracted it, I was walking around with two masks. I hope I took it lightly, but it's a bloody loneliness virus. I will keep you updated, I hope to be a rock again this time. And above all: always believe in it, never give up! " – said the presenter, showing all her determination in this delicate situation.

At first, Simona Ventura had explained that she had contracted Covid in an asymptomatic form. In connection with Paola Perego during the last episode of Il Filo Rosso, he added that he only had a bit of a cold. A few hours after his positive swab, comrade Giovanni Terzi also discovered that he had been infected. On his health conditions, however, we have no other information: the journalist gave news of his positivity without adding other details.

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