Simona Ventura reveals her favorite program (and talks about D’Urso)

Simona Ventura reveals her favorite program (and talks about D’Urso)

After the remote controversy with Alessia Marcuzzi, Simona Ventura also talks about Barbara D'Urso and Maria De Filippi

Simona Ventura returns to tell herself once again without filters and reveals her favorite program, also talking about D’Urso.

The presenter returned to Rai after a long period in Mediaset and exile from TV. Today he is at the helm of The Voice and couldn't be happier. Gritty, smiling and always ready to give her best, Super Simo has taken her revenge and is ready to make the program a success.

In recent days, the presenter ended up at the center of a bitter controversy for having released some statements in which she criticized the conduct of Alessia Marcuzzi and the way in which the Corona-Fogli case was handled on the Island of the Famous. Her words had triggered the reaction of her colleague, who had responded to Verissimo in tone, accusing her of having been "not elegant".

Interviewed by La Verità, Simona Ventura did not respond to Marcuzzi, but spoke of another famous colleague: Barbara D’Urso. During the chat, in fact, the showgirl revealed that her three children have no intention of working on TV and that they dream of a future away from the small screen.

As is known, Super Simo has two sons, Niccolò, 20 years old, and Giacomo, 18, born of love for Stefano Bettarini, while Caterina is the youngest of the house and was adopted when she was still a baby. La Ventura clarified that her children have no intention of participating in broadcasts and reality shows where they would be labeled exclusively as "children of …".

"I don't think they want to go, either to Barbara D’Urso or to others – he revealed -. They don't want to make TV like 'children of'. Barbara is a workaholic, I don't have her energy. From what I understand, my children are looking for a way out of the TV. They will have time, Caterina is 13 years old and, apart from The Voice, she only watches YouTube ".

Super Simo also talked about his favorite TV shows. What do you watch most? Men and Women, by her friend Maria De Filippi. “I am omnivorous, also thanks to Raiplay and Mediaset on demand – he confessed -. In the morning I jump from Agorà to Italian Stories to Mattino 5 at Skytg24. On the fourth grade evening, Franca Leosini, Gomorrah on Sky, the Netflix series, "he said. "Forum in the afternoon and Men and Women they are addicted to, Maria knows."

Simona Ventura – Source: Getty Images

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