Simona Ventura, the outburst on Instagram: "I learned to make the pain mine"

Simona Ventura, Giovanni Terzi reveals what he really thinks about Bettarini

Simona Ventura lets off steam on Instagram and teaches all followers a lesson

Simona Ventura tells herself without filters on Instagram and once again surprises fans with her strength.

The presenter is experiencing a moment of rebirth after a rather difficult period. Today it is one of the flagship faces of Rai, but a few years ago the situation was very different. First the farewell to the public company, then a long silence and a life away from the small screen, finally the hardest test on the Island of the Famous – amid tears and disappointments – and the rise of the slope, slow, but inexorable thanks to new programs and to Maria De Filippi.

In a few months the existence of Super Simo has been distorted, also due to a very serious fact: the aggression of the eldest son Niccolò Bettarini, stabbed outside a well-known disco in Milan. That episode prompted Ventura to move closer to her ex-husband Stefano and gave her the courage to make important choices for her career and in private life.

From pain something new and wonderful was born: the return to Rai at the helm of The Voice of Italy and the love for Giovanni Terzi after the farewell to Gerò Carraro. Like a phoenix that is reborn from its ashes once again Simona got up and managed to take off by reaching the top, where no one imagined.

"I learned to breathe the pain into the bowels, to make it mine, to grow with it and to sublimate it in the form of an ascent – wrote the presenter on Instagram -. I detach myself from the physicality of passions, I try to detach my skin and go "beyond" the material that oppresses me. In this journey I find peace ”.

At 54 Simona Ventura is a strong, aware, beautiful woman. Courageous and always sincere, she learned to deal with her fears and pain, defeating them and overcoming the difficulties of life.

Simona Ventura – Source: Instagram

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