Simona Ventura turns 56, the tender wishes of Giovanni Terzi and Bettarini

Simona Ventura turns 56, the tender wishes of Giovanni Terzi and Bettarini

Best wishes to Simona Ventura, who blows out 56 candles: the messages of good wishes from the former Bettarini and from comrade Terzi.

Simona Ventura turns her birthday and is immediately flooded with messages of affection and good wishes, not only from her fans, but also from the men in her life. Stefano Bettarini has published a story on Instagram tagging the Ventura and inserting a photo of him, as well as a phrase of great esteem: “Always believe in it, never give up! Happy birthday Super Simo. "

The most beautiful message, however, comes from her current boyfriend Giovanni Terzi, who uploads a photo with Simona to his official Instagram profile. His is a truly moving post. “Best wishes love of my life. This is you, your wonderful energy, the strength to never bend down and to always go forward, with courage and passion. "

She expresses wonderful words, but above all she transmits true love, thanking her for saving his life “from the first moment I met you”. Then, some lines from Jovanotti's song, “My girlfriend is magic”, at the end including the two most important words of all time: “I love you”.

Born on April 1, 1965, Super Simo also shared a very special video on Instagram, where she wanted to spend a few seconds to express gratitude for the good wishes received. It showed itself with a great positive charge: a real force of nature.

"Hello, how are you? I was fine, because since last night I was inundated with flowers, gifts, social and non-social greetings. I thank you all, because I really don't know if I will be able to thank you enough for the affection you are showing me ", referring not only to her ex Bettarini and partner Terzi, but to her followers, who have always supported, esteem and admire her .

"I am very happy, we started this adventure last night, but I will not comment on anything, because I ran the comment at the end", a small nod to his new television adventure, Game of Games.

He concludes the video by saying: “I give you a big kiss, happy birthday to me of course. Thanks to all of you and for all of you so much health, serenity and also happiness, why not? Good day!" An invitation of hope, which has always distinguished Ventura: the gritty character is its strong point. We are sure that he will spend a special birthday, in the company of his dearest loved ones.

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