Simona Ventura without filters on Instagram: "Each of us has its beauty"

Simona Ventura without filters on Instagram: "Each of us has its beauty"

Without filters and without retouching, Simona Ventura shows up on Instagram and gives us a beautiful lesson

Summer, time for photos in bikinis and social “fights” for those who show the best physique. Far from being overwhelmed by a system that aims at perfection as the only possible model of beauty, Simona Ventura reveals herself on Instagram without filters and leaves everyone speechless.

In this world in which it seems increasingly important to appear, there are those who stand out with their voices out of the choir. And so, in a riot of photos retouched with Photoshop, filters and make-up "always and in any case", the beautiful shot by Simona Ventura stands out. The presenter shows herself in all her naturalness, as she comes out of the water after a day of relaxation and fun in Alassio, where she is spending her holidays. His too is a photo in a bikini, like those that are so fashionable, but is accompanied by a fantastic message.

“Summer 2020. Here I am in Alassio, in this particular summer, the fair of my 55 years. It is a strong choice, given that we now live in a world obsessed with being perfect, erasing any defect (at least superficially "- Ventura began on Instagram." I who have lived my life experiences at the right time, now, after what we went through, I'm serene! Knowing that, apart from the bacon that is really difficult to eradicate (especially because in the end I'm a good fork) I still make a good figure. "

In fact, Simona has nothing to hide behind some filters. At 55, with three children, he still has an exceptional body. And it will certainly not be a few extra centimeters of waist to conceal the extraordinary person he is from the whole world. Right now, rather than thinking about diets and Photoshop, he prefers to enjoy the holidays and his romantic love with Giovanni Terzi – especially now that their wedding has been postponed. In conclusion, Ventura gives us a beautiful lesson: "Do not be afraid, since each of us has its immense beauty".

And it's really true: luckily, for some time now there have been many women who say no to a stereotyped beauty, to make room for even a few flaws. The stars share their natural shots, showing a new ideal of perfection to which we can all finally aspire without problems. Simona Ventura is just one of the contrary rumors, which are becoming increasingly numerous on the web.

simona ventura

Simona Ventura's post – Source: Instagram

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