Simple and delicate nail decorations

Simple and delicate nail decorations

Are you looking for simple nail art that you can make from the comfort of your home? Discover the trends of the moment even for less experienced hands

Creating simple nail art is possible even without being a professional beautician and suitable for all those who always want to have neat and original hands without exaggerating. Thanks to the decorations on the nails it is possible to make your outfits unique and fun, as well as always be elegant or fashionable. Nail decoration can be a real touch of originality that can immediately distinguish a person. Decorated nails can be made using different techniques and with different materials. The most classic and famous is certainly the French manicure, but there are also many other decorations that can make your nails original.

Gradient, degradé, sponge, dotticure, Moon Manicure, reverse French, 3D: whatever your style, today a dedicated nail decoration technique is available. However, many of these techniques are complex to implement and can only be applied by professionals. Many other nail art are simpler and can give a refined and original touch to the wearer. Here are some of the trends among simple nail decorations that you can comfortably make at home.

The simple nail art are the nudes with special effects

When it comes to simple nail art to make, it is certainly useful to use nude colors. In fact, thanks to these less bright colors and more similar to the skin, small imperfections are less noticeable, which is why they are also ideal for less experienced hands. Making nails original and unique with nude colors is very simple: just insert small decorations, such as a line or a circle of a much more decisive color such as black, electric blue or green.

An example? A beige base or a classic French enriched with a black line and a dot, easy to make and original. Another way to enhance the nude color with simple nail decorations is to use a "sparkling" effect nail polish, then glitter or with diamonds inside. A very simple decoration is to make four fingers with a nude color, similar to pink, and then paint the ring finger with a glitter color that echoes it, like rose gold.

Simple and delicate nails


Alternative French are easy and original

The French is one of the simple nail art to make at home in a short time, but always obtaining a classy and elegant effect. The original decoration includes a transparent or light pink base embellished with a thin white layer on the tip of the nail. The result is classy and gives a neat appearance to the hands, lengthening them and making them more tapered. Today there are many simple nail designs to do together with French. An example is the reverse French, with the lighter color as a base and pink at the tip. One way to get an original manicure and an easy but striking nail art is to make a simple French, but using different colors. An example? Alternate nails with different colors both as a base and as French, such as blue and light blue, purple, pink, light green and dark green, yellow and orange.

Nails with colored french


Playing with textures allows for simple and original nail art

Finally, to create simple but worthy nail art of the best beautician, just play with the texture of the nail polish. Today on the market there are in fact many normal and semi-permanent nail polish and gels capable of providing a new texture. An example? The "velvet" style nail polish that once dried offers the soft and warm effect of velvet: ideal for any season! Among the ways to create decorated nails but slightly more difficult to achieve, 3D ones are certainly included. This type of nail art involves the application of three-dimensional decorations, such as glitter, balls and sequins. Combining this type of decoration with colored glazes or effects such as opaque can be a unique way to make your hands original and effective.

Velvet effect nail art


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