Simultaneous orgasm, 3 tips to achieve pleasure together

Simultaneous orgasm, 3 tips to achieve pleasure together

Do you aspire to achieve a simultaneous orgasm? Indeed it is a unique [email protected] experience. Here are the tips to do it.

Explode with pleasure together it is a wonderful sensation, the couple orbits for a few seconds as if they were experiencing a state of weightlessness and then magically find themselves and feel more united.

simultaneous orgasm

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Simultaneous orgasm is a beautiful experience but it should not be confused with an indicator of the couple’s [email protected] well-being. In reality this is just a cliché, if the couple insists on wanting it, it will only end up ruining the fun.

Simultaneous orgasm, tips for getting it

Many couples aspire to obtain a simultaneous orgasm, there is no foolproof method to achieve it, according to the opinion of [email protected] experts it would be a coincidence when it occurs. Let’s say that when you know your partner well and have had [email protected] for a long time, you learn his maps and shortcuts to pleasure and vice versa. When your orgasm approaches you play the ace up your sleeve and focus on what drives the other crazy and most likely you will get a simultaneous orgasm.

simultaneous orgasm

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Many couples use the verbal communication or of locations that favor the orgasm of the other. Each couple has their own methods to reach the pinnacle of pleasure.

Either way, there are 3 tips any couple wishing to experience simultaneous orgasm should keep in mind:

  • Let go and express love verbally. Freeing your head and fully experiencing the [email protected] act favors the amplification of the sensations it brings. In this state of fulfillment, it is possible to increase your partner’s arousal by voluntarily expressing your love to him in words. The emotion thus takes over the arousal by delaying ejaculation for a moment.
  • Give her orgasm priority. While he slows down, the clitoris should be stimulated during penetration, in order to accelerate the vaginal orgasm. In this regard, it is possible to resort to the positions that you find most exciting. The neurological circuits will do the rest.
  • Achieve orgasm almost simultaneously. The woman should orgasm a few moments before her partner and while she feels she is on the verge of reaching the peak of pleasure she should allow her partner the freedom to move during the penetration to encourage her explosion of pleasure. This method is considered valid by many couples because not only the faster and deeper thrusts do not bother the very aroused and lubricated partner at this point in the [email protected], but also because a woman’s orgasm lasts a little longer than a male one.

Thus favoring her first and then his, at a certain point the two orgasms meet. All couples who have experienced a simultaneous orgasm know how magical it is, it is as if the couple experiences total fusion.

If the man reaches orgasm quickly, the appointment with simultaneous enjoyment skips, which is why the method we have just recommended allows you to achieve simultaneous orgasm. Why not try it now?

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