Sinead O’Connor desperate: "I am alone and sick"

Sinead O’Connor desperate: "I am alone and sick"

Sinead O'Connor is unleashed in a video posted on Facebook, claiming to be sick, alone and desperate

Alone, sick and desperate: Sinead O’Connor is unleashed in a video that appeared on her Facebook profile, in which she claims to suffer from a mental illness and to have been abandoned by everyone. "I am completely alone, there is absolutely no one in my life," explained the Irish singer who was diagnosed with bipolar disorder and who, due to this, lost custody of her 13-year-old son. Since then, the fragile and rebellious soul of Sinead O'Connor has never recovered and the 54-year-old star has repeatedly stated that he is thinking of suicide.

The video posted on Facebook has greatly alarmed the fans. In the clip Sinead O’Connor cries and is desperate, she looks tired and tried out from the situation she is experiencing, she explains that she has no one but her psychiatrist and lives in the Travelodge motel, in New Jersey. "I have no one, except my doctor, my psychiatrist, who is the sweetest man on earth and I am his heroine," he confessed. And this is the only thing that keeps me alive right now. The fact that I am his heroine … and this is a bit pathetic. "

"I want everyone to know what it means, and why I make this video – explains the star in the video -. Mental illnesses are like drugs, they are a stigma: suddenly all the people who should love you and take care of you treat you badly ".

The life of the singer, who came to success with "Nothing Compares 2 U", was never easy and everything got worse when Sinead moved away from the world of music, abandoned by husbands and agents. When she found herself alone the star had to deal with some addictions and with a mental illness that leaves her no escape and that has repeatedly pushed her towards the extreme solution of suicide. The first time it happened in 2015, when he lost custody of the fourth of his children, he later disappeared in Chicago, and was rescued by the authorities. To make it all the more difficult a liver operation immediately some time ago, which once again put Sinead O’Connor before the awareness of being alone. Nevertheless the singer wanted to cheer everyone up by clarifying: "I do not want to die, I will not die, even if it is not possible for people to live like this".

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