Sinead O'Connor found after a day: "He wanted to commit suicide"

Disappeared for 24 hours, the worst was feared for the Irish singer who already in the past had threatened to commit suicide

Sinead O’Connor – Source: Getty Images

Once again Sinead O’Connor made people fear the worst. Disappeared for 24 hours, she was found safe by the police. It was feared that he had made an extreme gesture, taking his own life. Law enforcement officers began searching after the singer did not return from a bicycle ride in the suburban neighborhood of Willmette, in Chicago. The concern was that he would attempt suicide again. Already last November he had left a message in which he threatened to end it.

Sinead had gone out on Sunday morning around 6 am on a Raleigh-type motor bike with a pink basket. Witnesses said he wore no cycling clothes, but a black parka, black leather pants and a 'Ireland' t-shirt on his back.

Not seeing her come back, someone, perhaps a neighbor, called the police. At that point, the investigation began, spreading an alert message that the case had been declared as a potential suicide.

The yellow thickened when O'Connor wrote a confused message on her Facebook page where it did not reveal the location where she was. The comment had then been deleted. To increase the concern for the singer, who will turn 50 next December, also her precarious psychic conditions. Already last November he had threatened to commit suicide, worrying fans and family members.

However in this case the story ended in the best way. The O'Connor has been found healthy and is safe, as confirmed by police spokesman Eric Peterson. It is not yet clear why the singer was in Chicago.

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