Single check 190 €: who is entitled to, how to apply and news 2023

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The INPS single allowance for dependent children changes: now it will reach 190 euros. Here’s what changes, who can request it and what is new for 2023.

News ahead of the new year for the single allowance allocated from the Government under the Aid Bis Decree.

single check inps

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From 2023 there will be two changes substantial and, pending the next Budget Law that could make further changes to the allowance, it is certainly better to know beforehand what it is.
Here is all the information!

INPS single check: what changes in 2023

Good news for anyone who benefits from the INPS single allowance for dependent children.

single check inps

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From January 2023in fact, (deadline for sending applications for the check request, which will arrive in our pockets starting from March 2023) there will be two very important changes.
The first concerns the amount of the check that goes from the basic amount of 175 to 190 euros.

At the present time, all those families that do not exceed a Annual ISEE of 15,000 euros.
From next year, however, the threshold will rise: anyone with an ISEE of 16,200 euros will be able to apply for this type of check.
The changes were made possible due to the several waiverssince not everyone was able to submit (or did not want to) their ISEE in time.
With the increase of availability therefore, the amounts of individual checks and the threshold within which they can be requested have also increased.

Good news, for sure, for anyone who needs this help!
If as of July 31st the allowance was requested, as the data show, for 9.1 million children, it is estimated that with these new provisions there will be many other people who will finally be able to access the contribution.
According to Vincenzo Caridi (president of INPS) and as reported by Open Online, it is estimated that other 700,000 people will be able to access the contribution thanks to this increase.
This would lead the forecasts (which calculated almost 11 million applicants) to almost completely come true.
A success that will benefit the most unfortunate people who really need help.

How to apply for the 190 euro check

The question we all ask ourselves at this point it’s like requesting a single check for 190 euros?
Often, what discourages people is there bureaucracy that hides behind the sending of the questions.
(Exactly the same as for the 200 euro bonus for VAT numbers we talked about here).

In past years the demand for the single check of the INPS it had to be submitted through the INPS website.
And it seems that, at least until January 2023, it must continue like this.
Vincenzo Caridi, however, made it known as president of INPS that this too could change and for the better.
In fact, soon the question could become automatic and that is to take pictures independently according to the declarations of each family unit.
This would happen thanks integration from INPS with all services from public administration that are increasingly digitizing bureaucratic processes and connecting every public service.
In this way, therefore, you should no longer do anything and only wait for the check to arrive.

The measure would be preparatory to reach all those people who do not know they have the right to help and who, therefore, do not request it in time.
In short: we will have to wait a little longer to find out how to request the single INPS check for 190 euros.
It could become automatic soon or, for the year 2023it could stay linked to the request through the INPS website by users.
In any case, given the increase in the contribution and the maximum threshold of the ISEE for applicants, we advise you to check immediately if you can receive it and to request it as soon as possible!

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