Singles live better, which is why marital bliss does not exist

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Singles live better and are happier, a scientific study confirms this. Marital happiness does not actually exist.

Did you think that the human being was made for life as a couple? What we are about to reveal to you will overturn this belief. According to a study, not only would happiness be in the pocket of singles, but marital happiness would be a chimera.

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A social diktat has always made us believe in certain mandatory stages of life, study, graduate, work, get married, start a family. A plan that is not very popular among young people who seem to have different inclinations and live well even without getting married. The refusal to plan one’s life is probably the result of the many failures this plan has generated. There are many divorces among those who have married. These failed marriages alert and push many people not to venture into this marital project that seems highly dangerous and arduous.

Why is staying single a guarantee of happiness?

Staying single and choosing not to get married does not mean staying single for life, it means choosing to have meaningful relationships and to keep them only until they generate happiness.

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This way of thinking is not approved by traditionalist people, however a recent study would seem to confirm with the idea that the refusal of marriage is a key to happiness.

The study in question was conducted by an American psychologist and researcher who concluded that those who choose celibacy, hen would have a qualitatively better and more satisfying life than married people.

The conclusions of the study supervised by the University of California, USA, were presented at the Annual Convention of the American Psychological Association (APA).

Dr. DePaulo reportedly analyzed more than 800 studies conducted over 30 years and concluded that people not bound by marriage tend to continually improve. Single people, for example, are more independent and self-sufficient and enjoy greater self-esteem. In the words of the researcher: “celibacy makes you live better and have a fuller and more authentic existence”.

This is probably one of the reasons why more and more people around the world choose not to marry so much that it is those who still believe in marriage who are discriminated against, despite many cultures having prejudices about staying single, especially when this condition affects women.

Not getting married does not indicate that a woman has not been able to find a husband but simply that she has decided to do so and this study even shows that she has made the best decision for the sake of her happiness. Marriage would be a risk, investing your life relying on that of another person is a risky investment. Time changes many variables of our existence and changes the dreams, the desires we have.

Two people can decide to go down a path together and love each other madly without necessarily opting for marriage. According to the study, happiness and marriage are unrelated.

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