Sips of well-being: gemmotherapy and infusions allies of health

Sips of well-being: gemmotherapy and infusions allies of health

The actions of herbal remedies in this case are enhanced and can calm states of anxiety, aid digestion or strengthen the immune system

Using embryonic plant tissues, such as buds or young shoots, to treat different ailments or to maintain well-being: it is gemmotherapy, a branch of phytotherapy conceived by prof. Georges Netien and subsequently taken up and developed by the Belgian doctor Pol Henry, who first devoted himself to the study and experimentation of gemmoderivatives. "The true future of phytotherapy – explains Angelica Amodei, author of the book 'Other sips of well-being' (OverEdizioni) in which, with the help of experts from the national scientific panorama, she provides recipes and curiosities to improve our health through the use of juices, smoothies, herbal teas and smoothies prepared with natural ingredients ". The novelty experienced by Angelica Amodei is to combine the bud extracts with juices or other drinks to enhance the effects.

The benefits for well-being

"Gemmotherapy – continues the expert – helps restore balance to the whole organism. If phytotherapy uses leaves, roots, flowers, barks … gemmotherapy, on the other hand, starts from the seed or the first shoots or in any case from the still tiny plant, just blossomed. In growing tissues we find large quantities of nucleic acids, minerals, vitamins, enzymes, trace elements, growth factors, plant hormones. This therapy uses the tissues of trees and shrubs preserved in a solution of water, alcohol and glycerin, but they are also available without alcohol for pediatric use or drinkers. Everyone should learn, with the help of a doctor and according to their personal needs, the most suitable bud derivatives for their body ". Because there are so many beneficial actions.

"If we have an unregulated diet, for example – suggests Angelica Amodei in her book – rosemary officinalis proves to be an ally for the well-being of the liver and, indirectly, also of the intestine. Useful in those who often follow a diet that is too high in fat or so-called junk foods ".

Allies of the immune system

In the winter, some buds can help support the immune system. The buds of currant nigrum are, for example, a general tonic for the body and improve resistance to fatigue and cold, also supporting our immune defenses. And speaking of immune defenses, rosehip has the place of honor among the natural remedies for winter. “It belongs to the rosaceae family and has anti-inflammatory properties. It has even been shown to contain up to 100 times more vitamin C than oranges. We can add the bud extract of this plant to an herbal tea or chop the dried berries with a mixer until they are reduced to powder and then add a teaspoon to our natural preparations ".

Anxiety and stress improve with ficus and linden

Anxiety and psychosomatic disorders can also be mitigated with gemmoderivatives. “As explained in my book by prof. Antonio Colasanti, professor of pharmacology at the La Sapienza University of Rome – says Angelica Amodei – those of ficus help to rebalance biological rhythms, when these are altered by stressful situations, hectic life, situations of emotional tension. Colitis, gastritis, irritable colon caused by a state of mental illness, therefore, can be alleviated with ficus ". Anxiolytic action that can also be improved with lime, which acts on anxiety states, relieving them in a natural way, and promotes night rest ", emphasizes the author.

An example? "For a good quality of sleep we can have our trusted herbalist prepare a mix of natural herbs made with 20 g of orange blossom, 20 g of passion flower, 20 g of lime blossom, 20 g of hawthorn and 20 g of lemon balm . Let's pour a tablespoon of it in 250 ml of hot water and leave to infuse for 15-20 minutes. We can combine 30 drops of Tilia tormentosa with the already warm herbal tea to obtain a more relaxing affection ".

How to use bud extractives

We can therefore combine the bud extract with herbal teas, fruit juices or fresh vegetables, to obtain an even more beneficial effect. But how is the dosage of a bud extract calculated? "Normally – explains the author – there is 1 drop per kilo of weight. There are no contraindications or side effects. As in everything, however, it is important to emphasize consistency. Help from nature on the body comes when you help it regularly ".

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