Six types of fat, how to recognize and eliminate them

French protein diet: you lose 5 pounds

There are six types of fat: if you can figure out which one is yours you can lose weight quickly and without effort

Do you want to lose weight effectively? Then stand in front of the mirror. In fact, experts have identified six different types of fat, studying an effective method to eliminate them.

Observe yourself well: does fat accumulate in the upper body? This means that you eat particularly caloric meals and eat more than you should without physical activity. To lose weight, do aerobic exercise: walk, run or swim for 30 minutes a day. Eliminate refined sugar and carbonated drinks from your diet by saying goodbye to unnecessary calories.

If your problem is fat in the lower abdomen it means that you suffer from depression, anxiety and stress. Try to relax, doing yoga, meditation and breathing exercises. Take herbal teas and green tea every morning and evening, a perfect fat burner. Do you get fat especially in the lower part of your body? Usually the fat pads that form on the thighs and buttocks are due to an excess of gluten, so the ideal – always under the advice of a doctor – is a gluten free diet, accompanied by exercises to tone and shape the leg muscles .

Walk at a fast pace, take the stairs and never skip breakfast: you will soon be back in shape. Fat often accumulates especially in the stomach area, creating swelling and discomfort. Most often the cause is excess alcohol and sugary drinks. To reduce the belly, experts advise eating small meals often, thus stimulating the metabolism.

Looking at yourself in the mirror, does it seem that fat accumulates above all in the lower part of the legs? This is a common problem especially for those who are pregnant or have vein problems. To avoid swelling, try to limit salty foods to prevent fluid retention. Try to do physical activity, limiting the time you spend sitting and often raising your legs to improve lymphatic circulation.

Finally, many people find themselves having to deal with a large stomach and fat accumulated in the upper back. To get rid of them, try to sleep at least eight hours a night, combating insomnia with natural remedies, such as apple vinegar, and avoiding hormonal changes, which increase the appetite and favor the deposit of fat.

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