Sixties Revival: the sixties look is booming

Sixties Revival: the sixties look is booming

The boom years are back in fashion: details, style, allure. Let's see how to copy it

Maybe everyone won't like it, but you can't really say that the look of the Sixties doesn't have its charm and above all its well-defined style. From the haircut, to the length of the skirts, to the make-up, the boom years are a mine of style cues. Let's see how to make some touches in our everyday look (without seeming to come out of a glossy magazine of the time!)

The sixties dress

What is more Sixties than the trapeze dress, flared, perhaps in colors and optical patterns? When I think of the sixties, the first thing that comes to mind is him, worn by Brigitte Bardot, Twiggy and all the icons of those years. We can also wear it, because, being flared, it lends itself well to all types of physique: more or less wide hips, more or less abundant breasts. Depending on whether you have more or less thin legs, decide on the length: if you sometimes bet on the legs, notice the skirt, otherwise leave it long just above the knee.

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The sixties colors

The Sixties speak of color, in all its nuances: from the most eccentric dresses that recall paintings by artists like Mondrian to gaudy color block tones, to black and white geometric patterns. You are spoiled for choice! Play it, keeping in mind however your colors and your complexion, to choose the one that gives you the most. Also pay attention to the lines of the geometries: the horizontal ones tend to widen, so be careful if your hips, breasts or waistline are not your forte. Go ahead if you are thin and want to emphasize these points.

Another detail of the Sixties is the fact that the whole look was played on a single shade, from glasses to shoes: here, for me, declined today, it's a little bit too much. If you dare a color block dress, take off with the rest: metal, denim, black, gray, white, whatever you prefer. Thus you will bring back the glamor of the Sixties to the present day.

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