Skin after 50? Here’s how to keep it young in just a few steps

Skin after 50?  Here's how to keep it young in just a few steps

Being able to have young skin even after the age of 50 is not easy, but knowing which are the right steps to take it certainly becomes much more. Here’s what they are.

There are substances that serve to keep mature skin younger and that work almost always in any case.

50 young skin

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Among these there is first and foremost hyaluronic acid, that smoothes, brightens, compact and makes our skin much less than 50 years old and more than 30 years old.

Then there are also vitamin C, connective tissue, moisturizers, scrubs, peelings and so on and so forth.

But have you ever wondered what really makes the difference in your beauty routine? If you believe that applying these products without distinction is the right remedy for wrinkles, blemishes, blemishes and so on, you are very wrong.

Taking care of your skin should become a sort of daily ritual already after the age of 40.

So here are some tips to make your skin look younger after 50.

Young skin after 50: here are the necessary steps

The first thing you need to know if you want your skin to look young even after the age of 50 is that you have to cleanse it always, with continuity.

50 young skin

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How many times a day? At least two, that is morning and evening. Such as? With cleanser and tonic.

This is because you need to eliminate not only makeup residues from your skin, but also sebum, impurities that accumulate, pollution and everything that is harmful to the dermis.

The second key step is exfoliation, because it serves to regenerate the skin, eliminating dead cells and promoting the formation of new ones.

How to do it? It would be preferable through formulas containing salicylic or azelaic acid, which stimulate the production of renewed cells more quickly than other products available on the market.

But be careful: you do not have to do it every day, but just carry out cycles of 15 days to be repeated periodically.

This is because these treatments are strong enough and therefore, if done too often without criteria, they could irritate and therefore have the reverse effect.

If you still want to know the difference between scrub and peeling, we have explained it here.

Another secret to making your skin look young even after 50? THE probiotics mixed with fractionated prebiotics.

There are products on the market that contain a mix of these ready-made products, so let’s not go into too much detail.

Suffice it to know that these are key to slow down the aging process of the skin.

In a nutshell, summing up the concept a lot, on our epidermis is the so-called microbiome, which is nothing more than a set of bacteria, fungi, viruses and symbiotic microorganisms that coexist with the human organism without however damaging it.

These indeed act as a barrier that is, they do not let in pollution, sun rays and everything that can make our skin impure.

When though this is no longer in balance – which happens naturally with age – the so-called hydrolipidic film, that is the film made up of water and fats that protects the skin is damaged.

The direct consequence is that our skin appears less compact, smooth and luminous and therefore to the naked eye it seems more opaque, wrinkles and other skin imperfections begin to make more visible.

The mix of substances we talked about does nothing but prevent this from happening, because it nourishes our skin.

Another secret that we must keep in mind after the age of 50 to preserve our skin, is that there are some areas that we generally neglect, but which are actually the most fragile and, therefore, those that we should take care of the most.

Among these are the neck and eye area. The first tends to give way quite early and appear wrinkled, because the skin in this area is less thick.

How to act to counteract the sagging of the skin? Through peptides, which stimulate the formation of collagen and elastin, which in turn make the whole area more compact.

The eye contour is then a very delicate area (the most delicate of all together with the lips).

Here because we see the unsightly wrinkles also called crow’s feet appear quite soon, which are considered expression lines and therefore often appear very early, but which become much more evident over the years.

Similarly, then, with the passage of time they appear even more evident dark circles, bags under the eyes and furrows, because the sebaceous glands in this area are absent.

This is why we should choose products that can reconstruct the famous hydrolipidic film that we mentioned earlier and that can regenerate tissue.

Then there is another fundamental ingredient, which makes our skin appear younger, more compact and smoother: the sleep.

Sleeping a lot and well – we are talking about at least 6 – 8 hours a night – serves not only to prevent unsightly dark circles from forming, but also to make us appear brighter.

In fact, at night the skin renews itself automatically and the necessary substances arrive to the epidermis to counteract the loss of elasticity.

If we don’t get enough sleep, this cannot happen and therefore our skin will appear much more dull in the long run.

Finally, dermatologists recommend sleeping on silk linings, which are much softer than cotton ones, do not cause friction and, consequently, do not inflame the skin, which in the long run leads to premature aging of the skin.

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