Skin in menopause: how to protect and nourish it during the day

269314Skin in menopause changes: more fragile, drier, it needs nourishment and protection, as well as specific active ingredients to prevent the loss of turgor and oxidative stress that make it appear dull and not very toned. The ideal day treatment integrates the most recent scientific discoveries into its formula in a melting and fresh texture, where even the perfume performs its anti-aging function.

There Arkéskin Day Balancing Comfort Cream by Lierac uses different knowledge to counteract the effects of menopause in terms of skin aging. In combination with the night treatment, the body cream and the supplement of the same line, it offers visible results, safety and great pleasure to use.

Researchers have seen that, to correct skin aging due to the drop in hormones typical of menopause, it is very useful to be inspired by chronobiology: every single cell of the skin, in fact, is regulated by an internal clock, in turn controlled by a set of genes, the “Clock genes”.

These genes, set on fire by three American scientists (they even won the Nobel Prize in 2017), due to the effect of hormones, assign specific tasks to cells at various times of the day: in a nutshell, they give instructions to activate the skin protection during the day and to start the skin regeneration at night.

«With menopause, the drop in hormone levels alters the functioning of this” internal clock “, leading to an imbalance of skin rhythms. The cells lose their day / night scan and the breakdown of their biological activities over 24 hours also stops “, explains the doctor. Orietta Viziale, scientific director of Laboratoire Native Italia. “The loss of this alternation between day and night function causes an acceleration of skin aging, the effects of which are seen in the form of more marked wrinkles, loss of skin density, dryness”.

The new biotech assets

268986The solution comes from science: «I peptides, also called bio peptides or biomimetic peptides, are synthetic substances, of small dimensions, formed by sequences of amino acids similar to those of the active part of a natural protein, whose action they “mimic”, binding in a highly specific way to the receptors cells that regulate particular biological processes. In this case, the bio peptides are used to restore balance in the skin in menopause, ”says Dr. Viziale.

The peptides selected by Lierac for the Arkéskin linein fact, they are able to modulate the functioning of the “Clock” genes, restoring the synchronization of the day / night rhythm over 24 hours. Result: cellular activities are restored without the need for phytoestrogens or other hormones.

With the day cream based on a bio peptide that promotes skin protection, overall skin protection is increased with a 10% and 47% increase in the hydration rate of ceramidesnatural substances that exert a barrier effect by retaining water in the epidermis.

There Arkéskin Rebalancing Comfort Cream by Lierac with 96% of ingredients of natural origintherefore, contains specific bio-peptides that regulate the daytime activity of skin cells, increasing protection and nourishment, while the cocoa extract elasticises and protects against oxidative stress and blue light.

To complete the formula, specific for menopausal skin, high molecular weight hyaluronic acid, which moisturizes and smoothes the epidermis, which immediately appears plumped and with minimized micro-wrinkles. All in a fresh and melting texture that immediately gives a feeling of well-being, emphasized by the scent of rose, chosen according to the principles of aromatherapy and which has revitalizing virtues.

A moment all to yourself

It’s easy to plug into beauty routine Arkéskin Rebalancing Comfort Cream by Lierac: in the morning, after cleansing and after the serum and eye contour best suited to your needs, apply the cream on the face in small quantities until completely absorbed.

It is better to foresee regular courses of treatmentalternating with others depending on the time of year and needs.

To complete the Arkéskin ritual, the advice is to combine the Night Redensifying Fluid, with a regenerating, toning and repairing action, which ensures the restoration of cellular activities during the night. Arkéskin day-night treatment which thus helps to regain cellular circadian balance during menopause, ensuring a brighter complexion, more tone and greater comfort.

Arkéskin Rebalancing Comfort Cream by Lierac, 50 ml jar, for € 39.90. In the pharmacy and parapharmacy.

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