Skin in menopause: how to regenerate it during a night’s rest

269405“He is 50 years old: who would have thought that!”. How many times have you happened to say this about a colleague, a friend you recently met, a neighbor? Today women come to the menopause with a new awareness and a different disposition of mind. The moment is undoubtedly delicate, but the symptoms of the period, due to hormonal decline, are often experienced as something that can be resolved and to be taken care of.

The skin, for example: with less estrogen it soon becomes drier, less toned, wrinkles become more marked and lose density and turgor. The most effective cosmetic formulas take advantage of the latest scientific discoveries in the field of chronobiology and regenerative medicine to restore its natural glow. The most performing night treatment, then, integrates the latest generation active ingredients, aromatherapy principles and a feather-texture to revive cellular repair which reaches its peak at night.

The Arkéskin Nourishing Night Redensifying Fluid by Lierac contains in its innovative formula 25 years of expertise on menopause to give concrete answers. It is part of a complete beauty routine from day to night, designed to accompany women in this phase of change: an in & out strategy that also includes a supplement and a body cream, to offer a global and effective action.

“The researchers started from the idea that, to counteract the signs of aging, it is necessary to resynchronize the skin’s biorhythms. The decrease in hormones, in fact, disorganizes cellular activities by blocking many biogic functions over the 24 hours “, explains the doctor. Orietta Viziale, scientific director of Laboratoire Native Italia. The day / night scan is altered and the cellular action of daytime protection and night repair is lost.

Active regenerating and repairing ingredients

268949Three American scientists, Jeffrey C. Hall, Michael Rosbash and Michael W. Young, have discovered that every single cell in our skin is regulated by an internal clock, controlled in turn by a set of genes, called “Clock genes”: by stimulating the action of these genes saw that the circadian rhythm was restored, providing protection during the day and repair at night. A discovery that earned them the Nobel Prize for Medicine in 2017 and that Lierac has kept in mind in the line Arkéskinusing peptides.

Also known as bio peptides or biomimetic peptides, they are among the most interesting biotech active ingredients in anti-aging cosmetics. Made up of amino acid sequences, they “mimic” the action of some proteins capable of regulating particular biological processes. In this case, the bio peptides regulate the action of the Clock genes: there is one specific for the day and one suitable for the evening.

The Arkéskin night formula with 96% of ingredients of natural origin has a regenerating, toning and repairing action, which ensures the restoration of cellular activities. All without intervening on hormones and without phytoestrogens. In fact, to integrate the action of the night bio peptide flax seedwhich redensify, chicory extractsmoothing and elasticizing, e microencapsulated hyaluornic acid, for a plumping effect. 97% of those who have tried it say they see more nourished skin, while 80% found it redensified.

Before going to sleep, relax

With the Arkéskin Nourishing Night Redensifying Fluid by Lierac taking care of the skin becomes a real pleasure: just apply it to indulge in a real ritual, which combines relaxation. It is a silky fluid: “The texture is light, but it is enveloping and leaves a feeling of nourished skin », says Dr. Viziale. The scent of the magnolia flower, then, helps to give freshness, as well as favoring the night’s rest, according to the principles of aromatherapy.

Include the Arkéskin Nourishing Night Redensifying Fluid by Lierac is simple: it is applied in the evening, before going to bed, after a thorough cleansing of the face and after the usual serum most suitable for your needs (without forgetting the eye contour): one pressure on the dispenser is sufficient for the face and neck, and it is useful to gently tap until absorbed. Ideal to use it in cycles of 2 months, alternating it with other treatments based on the climate and skin needs.

To complete the Arkéskin ritual, the advice is to combine the Comfort Rebalancing Day Cream, which protects the skin from external aggressions and intensely nourishes, regulating the daytime activity of skin cells. The Arkéskin day-night treatment thus helps to regain cellular circadian balance during menopause, ensuring a brighter complexion, more tone and greater comfort.

Arkéskin Nourishing Night Redensifying Fluid by Lierac, bottle of 50 ml, for € 39.90. In the pharmacy and parapharmacy.

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