Skin in winter, what happens if the shower is too hot

Hair, what happens if you wash them with too hot water

Too hot the shower hurts the skin creating flaking and irritation: this is how to defend yourself and solve the problem

Showering every day hurts without these precautions

Have you ever had a nice hot shower, perhaps after a stressful day, and find yourself with dry skin?

It happens especially in winter, when, thanks to the low temperatures, we always want to have a nice hot shower. If it is raining and we get wet, if we are cold or simply if we want to relax: there is always a good reason to give us a nice, strictly hot bath, better if surrounded by lots of scented foam.

Punctually, however, after immersing ourselves in water, including shampoo, conditioner, scrub and lots of cuddles, when we dry we notice an inconvenient detail: the skin is super dry. Why? The reason is very simple: the particularly high temperature of the water dries the epidermis, causing flaking and the sensation of the "skin that pulls".

Hot water in fact tends to eliminate the natural oils of the skin due to heat, the rest is done by soaps, which eliminate the protective barrier of the epidermis. Not only that: if we do not immediately run for cover, we also risk irritations, capillaries in sight and skinning, not exactly what we expected immediately after a regenerating shower.

What to do? Dermatologists always advise avoiding a shower that is too hot to protect the skin as best as possible, but if you can't help it, we advise you to follow some basic rules that will be very useful. If you really can't give up the high temperature try reducing the shower time. Immerse yourself under the jet for a maximum of five or ten minutes. This way the epidermis will not be exposed to heat damage for too long.

Try not to rub the skin with energy, but leave it slightly damp, so not only will you not expose it to further trauma (especially if it is a face), but the cream will absorb better, acting in depth. Focus on delicate and nutritious products, able to relieve irritated and dry epidermis, massage on the still wet surface and let it act, enjoying the feeling of freshness and well-being.

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