Skin Purging: what it is and how to deal with it

Skin Purging: what it is and how to deal with it

It is a frequent phenomenon and caused by products characterized by the presence of retinoids and exfoliants

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There are several technical expressions that, when it comes to beauty and skin care, it is worth knowing. One of them is Skin Purging. What is meant when it is called into question? As highlighted by Dr. Deanna Mraz Robinson, an American dermatologist who expressed her point of view on the pages of the Healtline website, Skin Purging is a situation in which the skin reacts to an active ingredient that optimizes the rate of cell turnover.

The aforementioned reaction sees our skin dealing with the loss of dead cells at a faster rate than normal. What are the ingredients that cause these reactions? As always specified by Doctor Mraz Robinson, we must point the finger above all on retinoids.

Under the cap of this term it is possible to include retinol, an acid deriving from vitamin A included as an ingredient in cosmetic products dedicated to acne-prone and mature skin.

In the context of retinoids, it is also possible to include topical tretinoin, an isomer of isotretinoin often used for acne. The expert pointed out that Skin Purging can also be dealt with following the use of exfoliating acids.

This phenomenon, which manifests itself with the onset of sebum and blackheads as a result of the loss of dead cells, must be addressed by trying to orient one's beauty routine towards the use of delicate products.

Dr. Mraz Robinson recommends opting for sulfate-free cleansers, but also for the use of moisturizing creams with soothing power. Also, it is good to use a sunscreen during the day.

How to deal, however, with the retinoid or the exfoliant that caused the Sking Purging? The expert recommends, in cases where the product you are taking has been prescribed by your doctor, to avoid stopping taking it.

Another aspect worth focusing on is the difference between Skin Purging and breakout (negative reaction to a new product applied topically). An undoubtedly important criterion concerns the duration of symptoms.

In the case of Skin Purging, we are talking about a situation that resolves quickly. When we talk about the breakout – which manifests itself with the onset of red dots and pimples – it can take from 8 to 10 days to see the resolution of the problem.

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