Skincare: find out what is double cleansing

Skincare: find out what is double cleansing

From the Far East a skin routine that makes you even more beautiful: discover what double cleansing is

"Two is better than one," a very young Stefano Accorsi told us, and the teenagers were already hanging on his lips. This time he does not tell us, but the most famous skincare lines in the world that have long been proposing to include double cleansing in the evening beauty routine. If cleaning the skin is one of the first beauty secrets, better to do it well and in two different steps.

This routine skincare is borrowed from the Japanese and oriental world: the geishas according to tradition had to dye their face in a very marked way, therefore it is natural a double passage in cleansing. Now all the cool women are already experiencing it. It is obtained by combining two types of cleansing. The first is obtained thanks to an oil-based detergent. The oily base is perfect for removing make-up and excess sebum. The skin in this way remains sticky and the feeling it leaves on the skin is not so comfortable. But if you go to the bottom you can see that there are still residues on the face.

At this point, use a towel soaked in warm water to remove the first detergent and then proceed with another detergent that mixed with the water forms a thin layer of soap. Typically this cleanser is a gel or mousse that acts to remove any residual impurities and deeply purify the skin. After massaging the face, rinse with warm water and breathe completely liberated skin. This method removes all dead cells, the skin becomes luminous, smooth and renewed.

Choose products that are specifically matched and work in synergy: one removes and the other purifies and smoothes. When do you use double cleansing? Maybe not every night, but certainly when you're in situations where the skin is strongly under attack. If we use heavy make-up, or if the environmental conditions are unfavorable: living in very large cities with a high rate of pollution fills the skin with poor pollutants, doing sporting activity causes sweat to deposit and cover the pores, or if your skin is very oily.

The effect produced not only to remove and illuminate the skin is to make it ready for the application of serums or moisturizers by multiplying the effect: the cells are not covered with impurities and can absorb better without wasting your care. You will have more hydrated skin and therefore less wrinkles and redness.

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