Skincare: the beauty routine inspired by India

Skincare: the beauty routine inspired by India

Indian women are among the most beautiful in the world: find out how they keep their amber skin so bright

India exerts a great fascination on the western world not only for the knowledge that has its roots in five thousand years of history, but also for every area in which this knowledge is exercised: cinema, religion, fashion and beauty. Indian philosophy treats the person in its entirety by not separating in-and-out as the West is used to doing. The result is that the beauty of the body reveals the beauty of the soul. Moreover, in 2017 for the sixth time an Indian woman was awarded the title of Miss Universe with Manushi Chhillar, a medical student.

The knowledge ayurveda distinguishes three types of person based on the predominant dosha and on this distinction elaborates the cure to keep in balance. The doshas are three – Pitta, Kapha and Vata -, and there are different lifestyles designed specifically for each type of person. However, there is a process for the care of the skin that is identical for everyone, the only distinction being in the composition of the products to be used, which obviously must respect and rebalance the prevailing dosha. The procedure consists of four precise steps.

The first is a procedure that is constantly practiced in the West as well: cleansing. Cleansing and purifying the skin twice a day for Indian philosophy does not only mean "removing impurities", but also means activating to balance the epidermis which may be too sensitive and prone to impurities, too oily or, on the contrary, too dry .

The second step is the use of essential oil. Oil is one of the keystones on which Indian wisdom is based: each essence is calibrated on the type of dosha, and must penetrate deeply into the skin. For this reason, in general, a serum is associated that stimulates the formation of collagen and promotes cell renewal. How to make it penetrate easily? Massage is another pillar of medicine and wellbeing: more massages, the more elastic and flexible the tissues remain. After all, massage is sacred in India: it relaxes the body, calms stress and anxiety, tones and drains. In short, a real cure-all.

The last step for Indian skinroutine is hydration. Before leaving home and before going to bed it is important to keep the skin very moisturized even when it appears to be oily. Hydration is important for every type of skin: the product dedicated to that type of skin (sensitive, oily or dry) to exercise the right hydration without covering the pores or without being too astringent if the skin is dry. Hydration for Indian skincare is like a seal of protection that allows essential oils to act without being altered by external agents.

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