Skincare: why put the cream on top of the makeup

A beauty secret that you can't do without: that's when and how to apply the cream over your make-up

It is the beauty secret of many women, those that always appear bright and hydrated (but not shiny, for heaven's sake!), And now we will reveal it to you. The skin needs to be hydrated and protected even after make-up, so although the idea of ​​applying a cream over the makeup may seem strange to you, after reading this article, you will learn how to put it in the bag.

There are three situations in which you can apply the cream over the makeup. The first is when the cream is, in effect, a particular type of primer. If there are primers that need to be put before make up and have the function of uniforming the complexion, in fact, there are also products that are fixatives that must be applied later: they are perfect for illuminating the face, or for dulling areas that frequently become shiny (the classic T area), or to even out make-up.

The second case in which you may have the need to apply a cream over the make-up occurs when you're in need of hydration. Especially those with very dry, mature and low in collagen skin need "a little help" even after make-up. In this case you can opt for a selection of spray products to be sprayed at the time: from thermal water to gel products, but make sure the mist is as thin as fog, otherwise you risk creating smudges without even noticing. Also in this case it is good to know your own skin: if you have oily skin, choose a product that hydrates and opacifies at the same time.

In addition to hydration, your skin needs sun protection every day to avoid premature skin aging. Some make-up products already contain sunscreens, but if your beauty is lacking in products with SPF, you have to rely on specific textures created specifically to be applied over make-up. You can choose between the light and impalpable sunscreen in spray or the powdered sun cosmetics to be applied with a brush.

The advice is to take the time to try the products that inspire you at home and check the effect on your face after a few minutes.

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