Skipping rope, benefits on weight and calories burned

Skipping rope, benefits on weight and calories burned

Economical physical activity and within everyone's reach, skipping rope allows to obtain excellent results related to weight loss

Skipping rope is a simple physical activity that allows you to appreciate numerous benefits.

Among the most important, it is possible to remember without a doubt those concerning weight loss. Several scientific studies have been carried out with the aim of investigating this aspect. Noteworthy among the many is one from 2017, carried out by an active team at the Department of Physical Therapy of the Korea Nazarene University.

The research in question has examined the effects of music-time skipping on pulmonary function and the BMI of some overweight 20-year-olds, bringing to light remarkable improvements related to both parameters.

To jump rope effectively, it is essential to put coordination first. If you start this exercise from scratch, it is advisable to start by performing the arm and foot movements separately. As confidence grows, it takes little to realize that rope jumping is a truly unique physical activity.

As cheap as few – you can do it without having to enroll in the gym – it allows all the muscles of the body to work. The constant movement required by this exercise in fact involves the biceps and the trapezius, not to mention the abdominals, whose vigor is essential for the quality of the jumps. Not to be forgotten is the involvement of quadriceps, buttocks and calves.

In addition to the benefits on weight, the jump of the rope makes it possible to appreciate considerable advantages regarding the efficiency of the circulatory system. Also interesting is the effect on the elimination of toxins, expelled through sweat, and the excellent numbers of calories burned, equal to about 400 for 30 minutes of exercise.

Those who want to optimize all these benefits must pay close attention to their posture. This implies first of all the alignment of the head, neck and spine. It is also essential to slightly tighten the abdominals and keep the shoulders low. While doing the jumps, it is essential to keep on tiptoe.

To be associated, if possible, with low intensity exercises (eg those involving the use of light weights), the activity of skipping rope can be harmful in the case of joint fragility, herniated disc, lumbago or cardio-respiratory problems . In light of this, before starting to train you should seek advice from your doctor.

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