Slave-style sandals, like the ancient Roman ones

Slave-style sandals, like the ancient Roman ones

Slave-style sandals for all

Gladiator or imperial style effect: the shoes of the ancient Romans return to the fore this summer.
In the wake of an all-French fashion of the past year, the leading designers propose modern shoes as the season's must, declined according to current trends.

For the Spartacus emulas, fascist models open on the foot that enhance the knee: Anne Sui enriches them with studs, for real urban fighters.
In a super-flat and multi-ankle version, for aspiring urban slaves with an informal and alluring style.
Extreme, eyed with fetish, with important plateux and stilettos from 12 centimeters upwards, like the unmissable Differa by Christian Laboutin. Extremely beloved by the stars on the red carpet, they tie together in the most disturbing ankles.
Minimal and chic in the Capri version, the one worn by Jacky O ’in the legendary 1960s. Or simplified for mortal communes, a little less naked and imperial in the "domesticated" versions of Tod’s and Sergio Rossi.

These are the dictates of fashion.
It goes without saying that before embarking on the purchase of shoes, a little self-criticism is necessary. To consider that feet, ankles and calves wrapped in this type of sandal are in the foreground: in the absence of long and tapered legs, there is a risk of "bagged" effect. Maximum attention to feet and nails, a good pedicure is inevitable!

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