Sleep disorders: when there is a link with depression

Sleep disorders: when there is a link with depression

Sleep disorders are related to many factors, including depression. This negatively affects brain activity and causes inappropriate thoughts

Sleep disorders are a really problematic area today. In the dynamic world in which we live, exposing ourselves to many psychological attacks from outside, the risk of having sleep problems and not being able to fall asleep is very high. Yet getting a good night's sleep is essential for the proper functioning of our brain, so much so that when we sleep in our bodies changes of both physiological and psychological nature take place. After a good sleep we feel fresh and rested, full of both mental and physical energies.

The importance of sleep is therefore undeniable. Just think of the development of mental illnesses if the body does not sleep for too long. Being closely related to the emotional sphere, sleep disorders have a direct correlation with depression, understood as a negative mood. All this can also cause problems of a physiological nature, such as a mild cardiac arrhythmia. Depressed mood and sleep disorders can work reciprocally, producing specific specific effects. Effects that the bad mood alone would not have been able to produce.

In particular it deals with the dysfunctions of the analytical abilities and of the physiological mechanisms of feedback that regulate human cognition and are the foundations of interpersonal relationships. As shown by some research, lack of sleep can develop depression. Alternatively, the constant presence of depressive mood can lead to various sleep disorders. When you are emotionally down, the rhythm of the activity / rest cycle is alternated and no longer matches the night / day cycles. What's more, the presence of a dysfunction can quickly lead to the development of the other.

And the question is not limited only to this. According to some studies, it is easier to make one's emotional health worse than to improve it. Thus, those who are depressed will be led to become even more depressed because of the consequences of depression (including sleep disorders), rather than coming out of the emotional difficulty situation. And those suffering from sleep disorders will be led to suffer more and more if they fail to control the situation. These disorders must be eliminated immediately, because first they can lead to slight physiological dysfunctions, and then also to chronic mental illnesses.

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