Sleep of the newborn: what you need to know from 0 to 3 months

How to help the child adjust the sleep phase: simple rules to calm him down, get him used to a regular routine and limit nocturnal awakenings

How to entertain a newborn

Newborns are born with their own waking and sleeping patterns. If you are lucky, the child's rhythm will be the same as the parents, but not for everyone. Some babies spend 20 hours a day sleeping, others 14 are enough.

However, most problems related to a baby's sleep are transient and tend to resolve spontaneously over time. So dear new mothers and dear new dads, do not worry: sooner or later you will go back to sleep at night.

Avoid cradling it

Try to resist the temptation to hold it, cradle it or swing it while sleeping. A child of 3 or 4 kilos is tender and pleasant to rock. But when he weighs twice as much he may not agree to abandon the warmth of your arms, and it will be more difficult to get him used to the couch.

Adjust its circadian rhythms

All babies sleep the time they need, so there is no need to worry about their health in any way. The concern is instead for the health of the parents and it becomes a duty to help the newborn to adjust his circadian rhythms. If the newborn is agitated it can help the use of external signals, such as darkness and silence during the night, caresses and cuddles that can help the baby to calm down, and it is absolutely necessary to avoid anything that can stimulate his senses. Most newborns then eat once or twice a night, but after 4 months of age, you can try to go back to sleep without feeding them.

Routine issue

Following a regular routine is one of the simplest and easiest tips to apply, which leads to incredible results. By regular routine we mean an alternation of events that are always repeated in the same order, without the need to look at the watch (breastfeeding, diaper change, baby bath, sleep, etc.). The evening routines and the place where you sleep will thus take on a clearer meaning for the child.

Sleep during the day

As an indication, it can be considered that most infants sleep about three times during the day. Of course, when a child sleeps a lot during the day, the mother can do many things … but keep in mind that an afternoon nap that lasts more than five hours, will surely disturb your sleep during the night. If you have been sleeping for so many hours, try to gently wake him from the world of dreams by giving him basins and cuddles. To make sure that he doesn't fall asleep so deeply, don't let him sleep in the dark but let in some light into the room.

Asleep and sleep

It is important that the place where the falling asleep occurs is the same as where you sleep. This helps give the child a sense of security and facilitates falling asleep. It does not matter if this happens in the Latvian or in a bed of its own, provided that it is a choice of the parents, and provided that the parents feel comfortable with their choice. The child internalizes this routine and draws the right conclusion: it is time to sleep.

Continuous awakenings during the night

If the baby moves during sleep, do not rush to it immediately. It does not necessarily mean that you are awake or awake. Children are very restless when they go from deep sleep to the dream phase and this happens every 45 minutes. Do not immediately take him in your arms, wait: maybe after a couple of rumblings he will continue to sleep.

The six golden rules

– Make sure that there is calm and tranquility at the moment of falling asleep;
– Newborns must sleep resting on their backs;
– Finish the day with a constant routine (baby bath, reading a book, song of the lullaby, etc.);
– Start the sleep routine before the child is too tired;
– It is not normally necessary to breastfeed the baby after the age of 4 months. You can help him go back to sleep without the help of food;
– Do not allow anyone to smoke near a newborn.

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