Sleep positions for those with neck and back problems

Sleep positions for those with neck and back problems

Sleep with back pain? Discovering useful and effective solutions to alleviate this insidious discomfort and enjoy a peaceful sleep

Sleeping with back pain is very difficult, since sometimes the pain is so severe that being able to fall asleep and find the right position is a really difficult task. So it happens to spend the night in white fighting back pain all hours. Not only that, the following day, in addition to experiencing a strong feeling of drowsiness, you can also experience annoying pains in the neck, the main cause of disorders in the cervical area or headaches. So in the long run this problem could turn into a real nightmare and negatively affect daily activities.

In this regard, it is essential to find out which are the best positions to facilitate sleep. It is essential for those who experience pain along the neck area to lie flat on their backs or facing on their sides. But be careful with the pillow, since it is an essential accessory to promote a peaceful sleep. It is important to use a feather pillow with a rounded shape, in order to better support the curvature of the neck.

Even better if you use a foam cushion, as it tends to conform perfectly to the shape of the head and neck. Also for the pains inherent to the shoulders it is necessary to prefer these two positions. One must be careful to keep the legs straight, as they reduce the pressure of the spine. Those who just can't keep their legs straight can flex their knees slightly, in order to maintain a natural position. Also, absolutely avoid sleeping on your side without the pillow support.

Those who, on the other hand, usually sleep with back pain and experience annoying pains along the lower back, can improve their rest by placing pillows under their knees. It is one of the most advantageous positions, able to effectively reduce lower back pain. In order to avoid an inflamed cervical one, care must be taken not to use too high cushions or to place one knee on top of the other, as it would entail greater pressure along the pelvis

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