Sleep, the false myths that are bad for your health

Sleep, the false myths that are bad for your health

To drink a glass before going to sleep, to sleep only five hours a night: all the false myths (denials) in terms of sleep

When we talk about sleep, there are so many false myths we are dealing with.

Today, however, research conducted by Langon University in New York – and published in Sleep Health – has revealed that those false myths, but also (and above all) harmful ones are not only useless.

Analyzing 8 thousand sites, and comparing them with the most recent scientific literature on sleep and sleep, the researchers analyzed the real effects of false beliefs. Two out of all: it's enough to sleep four or five hours a night, and have a drink to fall asleep sooner and better. "Sleep is a very important part of our life, which affects our productivity, mood, general health, well-being" explained Rebecca Robbins, one of the authors of the study.

The first false myth debunked concerns – precisely – the four or five hours of sleep that some say is sufficient. In reality, they are not enough at all. Indeed, clear evidence shows that sleeping like this a few hours increases the risk of incurring cardiovascular disease and causes a reduction in life expectancy, as it causes long-term deficits due to lack of sleep. How much do you need to sleep? At least seven hours a night.

Another false myth concerns snoring, which is not – as is believed – always a harmless action. In some things it could be a symptom of sleep apnea, a potentially dangerous disorder characterized by interrupted breathing during sleep. For this reason the authors encourage patients not to ignore snoring, but rather to see a doctor because this behavior can lead to diseases affecting the heart.

Finally, the belief that drinking a glass before bed would promote sleep. In reality, it is a harmful habit: it may even help you fall asleep, but it also prevents you from reaching the deep sleep phase, the Rem phase, which for memory and learning is the most important.

Other false myths? Watching TV makes it easier to fall asleep, remembering dreams is a sign of good sleep, the time when you go to bed is not important, if you can't get to sleep it is still useful to stay under the covers because you rest anyway. On the latter point, on the contrary, it is advisable to do the opposite: if after a quarter of an hour there are no sleep signals, it is better to get up and do something else so as not to associate the bed with insomnia.

Therefore, in the case of sleep disorders, talking about it with the doctor is fundamental. Learning to sleep well not only allows us to rest, but also keeps obesity, diabetes and heart problems away.

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