Sleep well: the room and the orientation of the bed

Sleep well: the room and the orientation of the bed

The ideal bedroom to promote a good sleep

Sleep and relax

Sleeping well is essential for body and mind health. Those who suffer from insomnia know this very well. To prevent and combat this disorder, it is useful to know that the choice of room, the arrangement of the bed and the type of bed can also contribute to promoting a good night's sleep.


When designing a house, it is good to evaluate the best arrangement of the rooms so that your home is not only beautiful, but also functional. Particular attention should be paid when choosing the room of the apartment to be used for night's rest. In general, the best bedroom is the one furthest from the entrance, in the most sheltered position possible and far from sources of noise.

However, this is not always possible: for example in a studio apartment, where the sleeping area is not separated from that day, it is good to find a way to ideally divide the area where the bed is located, perhaps using partitions or movable walls .

As for the arrangement of the bed, it is better to place it on the wall opposite the entrance or in any case with the headboard against a wall not bordering on rooms from which noises may come.

To avoid magnetic fields that could disturb the rest is to eliminate televisions, computers and cell phones from the bedroom.

As for the arrangement of the furniture, you can find advice of all kinds, from the famous feng-shui to the advice of trendy interior designers, but the important thing, in the end, is that we like our bedroom and represent a place of the pleasant and relaxing house, where you can take refuge and rest.

Bed, mattress and pillows

The choice of the most suitable bed is the basis for a good rest. Better not to be in a hurry in choosing the bed base and mattress, relying on the advice of an expert who can help us evaluate the most suitable one. Today there are nets, mattresses and pillows for every need, from the cheapest to the most expensive ones. However, the advice that applies to everyone is not to choose beds that are too rigid or too soft, because they risk damaging the back and neck.

The most innovative mattresses at the moment are those in latex worked with a special technology that makes it able to "remember" and adapt to the shape of the body so as not to subject the spine to twists or wrong postures during the night. Even the cushions are now designed to adapt to various types of position and prevent the typical cervical problems that affect a good percentage of the population, even among the youngest.

Disturbing noises

Those who live in particularly busy areas or have the misfortune of having noisy neighbors know how much the noisy noises are one of the main causes of sleep disturbances. Neighbors' noises can be remedied by sharing them with our problems and asking to moderate the noises. Better to do it with tact and diplomacy, because peremptory ways and strong manners generally have the opposite effect. The best thing is to really strive to create a good neighborly relationship.

As for the noises that come from the outside, unfortunately, all you can do is shield your home with double glazing as much as possible, also useful against heat dispersion and to promote energy savings.

If the noises cannot be eliminated in any way, then it is advisable to change the room, or get ear plugs. The most effective earplugs are silicone ones, perfectly adaptable to the shape of the ear and very insulating (they can be purchased in the pharmacy).

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