Sleeping with your head in the north is better: truth or fantasy?

Sleeping with your head in the north is better: truth or fantasy?

Sleeping with your head to the north, according to tradition, would improve the quality of sleep and all the vital functions of the organism. But is it really so?

It seems that sleeping with your head to the north is the best position to ensure your body a deep and invigorating rest, ideal for promoting linear, continuous sleep without annoying nighttime awakenings. Taking this position before bed, according to tradition, is also the best way to facilitate functions related to breathing and circulation. But is all this part of a popular axiom or is there any scientific explanation? Let's start from the corollary that electromagnetic fields expand south and from here we see how sleeping with your head to the north can bring benefits.

In fact, we can assert that sleeping with the head to the north implies positioning the positive pole of the body (i.e. the head) in opposition to the negative pole of the Earth (the south understood as a cardinal point), facilitating the electrical discharge of our body during rest.
Science provides another explanation of why we should sleep with our heads to the north: this brings blood pressure to drop due to the presence of iron in the blood that would follow the natural magnetic flux. Thus, the circulatory system is at rest and the physique faces a limited expenditure of energy.

In this way, the quality of sleep improves as the body registers a slight decrease in activity useful for promoting greater relaxation during night's rest. Obviously, these indications are valid only if supported by the normal principles governing good rest such as having eaten a light dinner, having faced proper digestion and having avoided stressful activities before going to sleep. So it seems that all this is not just a popular saying but has a scientific value.

Good sleep should be sought with the help of a healthy and balanced lifestyle, a possibly ergonomic mattress that offers excellent quality performance, in addition to the correct choice of cushions based on your posture during rest.
If sleeping with your head to the north is not possible for multiple reasons such as space and arrangement of furniture, experts in the sector suggest looking for a position along the north-east / south-west axis as an alternative.

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