Smoothes wrinkles and eliminates dark circles under the eyes. Our grandmothers used it on their faces

Smoothes wrinkles and eliminates dark circles under the eyes.  Our grandmothers used it on their faces

Folk medicine was based on the observation of the body. Therefore, although the housewives did not fully understand the mechanisms of action of individual herbs or other preparations. Despite this, they have managed to combat various diseases many times. Today, with science at our disposal, we can clearly state what was behind the positive result. Goose lard is not only a kitchen product. Why is it worth having it at home?

Goose lard for wrinkles?  This unusual product will smooth your skin

Goose lard contains many vitamins such as A, E, D, as well as iron and magnesium. It has long been known that vitamins A and E, in particular, have a positive effect on the skin. Therefore, applying this type of fat can reduce wrinkles. It is worth using it when performing a home Kobido massage.

Fat that is useful not only in the kitchen. Use goose lard

It is worth mentioning at the outset that it is not about applying a thick layer of lard to your face and expecting spectacular results. In ancient times, this type of fat was one of the first emollients. It provided a soothing and smoothing effect on the skin. Therefore, it is sometimes worth using a small amount of goose lard to perform the mentioned facial massages.

This type of techniques allows you to stimulate the work of various individual muscles, and the vitamins and minerals contained in the fat penetrate deep into the skin, giving it elasticity. Vitamin D participates in the production of collagen, which affects the appearance associated with the aging process.

Its deficiency causes the skin to become dry, red, flaky and tight. If this condition persists for a long time, the aging process occurs faster.

Vitamin E is called a strong antioxidant. Thanks to the fact that it fights free radicals, it stops the aging process. Vitamin A stimulates the production of collagen and elastin in the skin, which is why the composition of goose lard is so valuable.

Not only for the skin. Fat will be useful in the fall

Goose lard was also used in the past to treat colds. Our grandmothers rubbed it on their chests and backs. This natural ointment has a warming effect, shortening the recovery time.

In some homes, a teaspoon of lard was added to the warm water. This mixture was intended to help treat bronchitis. Then the medicine was administered two to three times a day.

Grandmothers often used goose lard for joint pain. The natural ointment alleviated troublesome symptoms.