Smoothing and heating brushes for hair in a fold without effort

Smoothing and heating brushes for hair in a fold without effort

Perfect hair with a brush? It is possible, even without knowing how to fold, with straightening and heating brushes, which are very easy to use

In summer, as is known, less hair dryers, hair straighteners and iron are used, because of the great heat and because they often wash their hair frequently. Indeed, it is good to limit the use of these appliances, because in the long run they damage them and during the summer it is easy to abuse them. However, not everyone can leave their hair free to dry naturally, both for health reasons and because they just don't want to know they have an acceptable shape.

This is where hybrids come into play halfway between hair dryers and brushes, the smoothing and heating brushes. They are easy-to-use tools because they dry the hair and at the same time brush it by styling it, thus reducing drying times but there is no need to use additional heating tools. There are different types on the market, for each price. The most famous ones have a somewhat prohibitive cost, but there are those who can no longer do without them and who, over time, have written off what they have paid thanks to the great use.

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Yes, because if you are a fan of smooth styling, this is a great way to have natural, soft and voluminous straight hair in no time. Simply remove the excess water with a towel and a blow of the hair dryer to pre-dry them. Then proceed by taking the strands and brushing them as you would normally do with the difference that, depending on the models, a jet of hot air comes out of the brush or will heat slightly, thus completing the drying. Just pass it a few times per strand for a perfect crease, in a short time and with little effort.

However, there are also the latest generation heating brushes capable of making the hair fold, as at the hairdresser. Not everyone, in fact, loves the smooth and some tools have the option of the interchangeable head: moved soft, narrower or smoother, the brush changes according to the mood or type of styling you want to create.

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However, it is important to always prepare the hair in the best way and protect it, to avoid damaging it, whatever the brush chosen. It starts with cleansing, with a shampoo suitable for your type of hair, in summer, better if delicate, given frequent washing. You then move on to the conditioner or mask, to be kept in place for a few minutes and then rinse. Once or twice a week, then, you can carry out a pre-wash treatment to leave on for at least half an hour, to nourish and moisturize damaged hair and need to be pampered.

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After using a towel, preferably in bamboo fiber or microfibre, to remove excess water, moisturizing products are applied to prepare the hair for drying. For hair that tends to get fat easily, better opt for serums, moisturizing milk or gel, while for dry, dehydrated and brittle hair, it is better to abound with a restorative oil. Depending on the type of fold, then you can add other styling products, for example a mousse or a cream for curls or a product to smooth them and contain frizz. Finally, a fundamental step, whenever you use a hairdryer, a plate, an iron or a heating brush, you must remember to apply a thermal protector, to protect them from the heat. Also in this case there are various types, both for oily and dry hair.

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