So the lip makeup lasts really long (even at weddings)!

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Making lip makeup last seems like an impossible task, especially when wearing it for many hours, eating and drinking! Here is the secret!

Things get complicated mainly because of the latest fashion trends, which they much prefer a shiny and shiny lip makeup, which unfortunately goes away in the blink of an eye.

make lip makeup last


Summer is also the time when we spend the most time outside, eating and drinking with friends or at the ceremonies that are celebrated around this time.

Precisely for this reason it becomes essential to understand how make a make-up that lasts, be it shiny or matte.

One of the true professional solutions is toapply a lip primer before putting on the lipstick. This cosmetic is unfortunately very underestimated and many women do not know it or do not use it.

It is certainly a very useful product, especially when it comes to facing busy days in which our lip makeup will have to pass many different tests.

However, if buying a primer is not our intention, it is possible to make the lip makeup last even by using it a combination of products that we certainly already own.

It is simply about use the right products in the right combinations, obviously depending on the result to be obtained.

How to make lip makeup last with a glossy finish

Lip makeup with a shiny or even glossy finish is done using creamy or even gloss products colored or transparent.

lip makeup that lasts

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It is a make-up that gives the face a young, radiant and fresh look, however this type of lip makeup is completely unsuitable for very long “marathons”.

For this reason it is absolutely not advisable to use only a creamy lipstick or even just a gloss if we need to stay impeccably made up for as long as possible.

The right strategy is instead that of create different layers of make up using different types of cosmetics.

  • The lip pencil

The lip pencil is an important ally to create a lasting but above all flawless make-up. This product is essential for correct the shape of the lips if there are small imperfections or asymmetries: here we explain how to do it depending on the shape of your lips.

Depending on the effect you want to achieve, you will have to choose a lip pencil of the same color as the lipstick (perfect choice to create a compact base with the lipstick that will be applied on the pencil) or darker, as suggested by a trend that has recently returned to great fashion. : 90/2000 lip makeup.


(TipsForWomens, collage from Pinterest)

If we have decided to use a darker pencil than the lipstick we are going to apply, we will only trace the contour of the lips. In reverse, if we have decided to use a pencil of the same color as the lipstick, the lips must be completely filled with the pencil.

  • Lip tint or matte long lasting lipstick

After the pencil it will be necessary to apply a lip tint or a long lasting matte lipstick. The advice is to use little product, just enough to cover the lips and even out the color of the pencil.

The choice of the color of the tint will be fundamental. If we have colored all the lips with the pencil, the color of the two products must be as similar as possible. On the contrary, if we have chosen to use a pencil that remains darker we will have to use a nude color, similar to the color of the lips.

  • Creamy lipstick or lip gloss

After having carefully created the lip make-up base, you will need to add a shiny and bright touch which will also ensure excellent comfort, keeping the lips hydrated.

The ideal products to use are a creamy lipstick slightly lighter than the lip tint or a transparent or slightly tinted gloss. The gloss is absolutely preferred if we have used a matte lipstick as a base: it will avoid the creation of too thick layers of make-up.

If we have used a lip tint, however, we can either use a creamy lipstick (to be applied mainly to the center of the lips to make them appear more voluminous) or the gloss.

So the lip makeup base will last for many hours. What will go away, removed from handkerchiefs or food, will be only the most superficial layer of make-up. To retouch your make-up and be ready for photographs in the blink of an eye, simply bring the gloss in your purse and apply it on the fly!

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