Soap “Modernism”, body cream “Mantra” and other beauty news of the week

Soap “Modernism”, body cream “Mantra” and other beauty news of the week

Foreo has launched a collection of skin care products Swedish Beauty Routine

The Swedish brand, famous for its microcurrent gadgets, presented its debut collection of skin care products. The formulas of the line are designed to be effectively combined with gadgets.

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Each series of devices has its own line. “Cleansing with Luna” includes Micro-foam cleanser 2.0 foam based on amino acids, vitamin E, centella asiatica and prebiotics, as well as Luna makeup remover and facial cleansing balm with sweet almond, jojoba, shea oils and vitamin E.

In line «Toning and lifting with Bear and Supercharged» can be found Serum 2.0 moisturizing serum with hyaluronic acid, electrolytes, ceramides and squalane; booster serum for the skin around the eyes and lips with caffeine and cranberry extracts, rose water, niacinamide and vitamin B5; an intensely moisturizing all-in-one gel-cream with hyaluronic and polyglutamic acids, skavalane, panthenol and vitamin E, as well as a deeply moisturizing and restorative overnight face mask with hyaluronic acid, zinc PCA, ergothioneine, sunflower, olive and rosehip oils.

“Care for the skin around the eyes with Iris” consists of a hydrogel patch mask for the skin around the eyes with collagen, sea moss, vitamin C and yuzu fruit; strengthening night serum for the skin around the eyes with retinol and mushroom extracts; cream for the skin around the eyes with vitamins C and E, coffee and mate extracts and hyaluronic acid; serum for strengthening and volumizing eyelashes with phytokeratin and L-arginine.

Davines has expanded its line for curly hair More Inside

The line’s assortment includes two new styling products:

  • gel-oil for fixing curls and curls. Its gel texture transforms into an oil that spreads easily and evenly onto the hair. After using the product, they become soft and manageable, and styling looks natural.
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  • Dry spray hair wax Dry Wax Designed for styling short and long hair. The product does not weigh down or stick the hair together, creating volume without a sticky effect with a satin matte finish.

More Inside formulas contain ingredients that moisturize well and retain moisture inside the hair shaft, while allowing the hairstyle to remain flexible and neat.

Korean brand Anua entered the European market

In the multi-brand online store of Korean cosmetics Hey! Babes Cosmetics launched the Anua brand. The brand is known for its simple but effective formulas and sleek design. The brand focuses on products for sensitive skin.

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“We always try to bring the most trendy and popular cosmetics from South Korea,” comments Natalya Michkaeva, founder of Hey! Babes Cosmetics. — It is important for us that the brand is loved in the domestic market. For example, hydrophilic oil and pads are bestsellers at Olive Young, the largest Korean chain of stores, and the toner entered the top 10 bestsellers for 2023 and was recognized as the best toner in 2022.”

Patissoncha and the Museum of Architecture. Shchusev released a joint art collection

The collaboration between the brand and the museum gave birth to a line of five fragrances, inspired by different eras, traditions and architectural styles. The collection includes candles and soap:

  • “modernism” with the aroma of pine needles, bark and greenery;
  • “Vanguard” with a trio of moss, wood and spices;
  • “European wooden” with notes of cedar, santal, amber and patchouli;
  • “Modern” with an accord of wood, yew, moss;
  • “Classic” with the aroma of sea salt and minerals.
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A new European brand Cosco has appeared

The new Cosco brand adheres to the clean beauty trend. It implies, firstly, natural, safe ingredients, and secondly, quick but effective care. There are five stages:

  1. Cleansing.
  2. Toning.
  3. Hydration.
  4. Nutrition.
  5. Additional care.
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Today, the brand’s assortment includes hyaluronic cleansing gel, soothing facial toner, moisturizing day cream and face mask, nourishing night face cream and micellar water for makeup removal.

The Amoveo Cosmetics brand has released two “delicious” new products

Pineapple Moisturizing Mist is designed to soothe, moisturize, refresh the skin, as well as even out its tone and give it a natural glow. The main component of the formula is pineapple extract, which has a slight deodorizing and tonic effect.

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Yogurt cream serum with almond-cream-blueberry aroma is created on the basis of aloe vera juice, prebiotics, argan and prickly pear oils, blueberry juice and extract, as well as vitamin E. The product moisturizes, nourishes, stimulates the production of collagen and elastin, and also restores hydrolipidic skin balance.

4fresh has developed a line of Beauty premium products that affect mood

The 4fresh company continues to expand its range. Among the new products are shampoos and hair conditioners, shower gels and liquid soap from the 4fresh Beauty premium line with scents that affect your mood. Scientists from the Spincontrol Neurobiology Center were responsible for the development, who created combinations of Scentease aromatic molecules. When inhaling aromas, serotonin, endorphin and dopamine (happiness hormones) are produced, which give a feeling of joy, calm and relaxation.

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There are five scents in the line:

  • Joyful with notes of apple, pear, lime, watermelon, mango, peach, jasmine, peony, musk, sandalwood and frangipani;
  • Relaxing with the aroma of bergamot, artemisia, saffron, Sichuan pepper, vanilla, raspberry, sandalwood, musk, cedar and amber;
  • Dreamy with a composition of neroli, mandarin, apple blossom, magnolia, tuberose, gardenia, vanilla, cashmere and benzoin;
  • Sensual with notes of sweet orange, pear, jasmine, rosewood, musk, cedar, vanilla and cashmere;
  • Attractive with the aroma of caramel apple, vanilla, jasmine, sandalwood and tonka bean.

Biolage professional presented the Bond Therapy line for restoring and strengthening hair structure

New products are developed for severely damaged hair with split ends, brittle and difficult to comb. To restore their structure, a duet has been developed from coconut oil (nourishes and protects the surface of the hair shaft) and citric acid (strengthens and restores the hair structure from the inside). The line includes three products:

1) intensive pre-care;

2) shampoo;

3) conditioner for all types of hair.

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Cha U Kao has developed a new body product

The young European brand has released body creams for the first time in three scents:

  • Mantra based on vetiver, tea, cardamom, citrus and vanilla;
  • Poetry reminds of damp fresh grass and a cool morning walk through the meadows;
  • Sensuality inspired by the Italian summer, which features floral and berry notes combined with citruses and woody bark.
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Due to the complex of phospholipids with vitamin F, quinoa proteins, hyaluronic acid and rice bran wax, the cream intensively nourishes and moisturizes the skin, and also increases its elasticity. It is quickly absorbed without leaving a filmy feeling.

IQ Beauty has launched a collection of Wings nail polishes

The new line of nail polishes is inspired by butterfly wings. The collection includes four shades with a reflective effect:

  • 137 “Fragility” is a soft mauve shade;
  • 138 “Butterfly Wings” – pink…