Social groups for mothers, be careful not to abuse them

From pregnancy to the management of the baby's first few months, useful tips are found on Facebook and Whatsapp. But the opinion of the doctor remains in the first place

In recent years, the Facebook and Whatsapp groups on the topic "maternity instructions for use" proliferate visibly. Mothers and future mothers have finally found a virtual place to exchange information and stay up to date on important topics such as pregnancy, vaccinations and the management of the baby's first months.

Sharing experiences on social media means feeling less alone and sharing intimate problems: from nausea, to losses in the first trimester of pregnancy up to the pain that the nipples make during breastfeeding.

Of course the important thing is always to debunk what is expressed on these virtual squares. These are not always authoritative opinions, but only "points of view". Who creates these groups? Often these are mothers in their 30s and 35s who, returning from one or more pregnancies (and the relative pre-birth courses), give advice to neophytes.

In short, the risk of confusing opinions with scientific truths is just around the corner. On sensitive issues, such as the opportunity of giving birth "beyond the deadline", it is advisable to ignore the chat in turn or the appropriate Facebook group to listen to the sacrosanct opinion of your gynecologist.

And then, let's face it, social groups are frequently used sparingly by the participants and those dedicated to mothers are no exception, on the contrary. The result, if all goes well, is a concentration of banalities and clich├ęs. In the worst case, a certain tendency to "terrorize" new mothers by those who "have already passed".

Almost all mothers experience moments of uncertainty, in which they believe they are not good enough and capable with their children. Sharing an experience like motherhood is a positive thing, it helps to lower anxiety and stress. But let's remember to have a quality that goes far beyond the contribution that social media can offer us: the surprising instinct to know how to do the right thing with our little ones.

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