Soffritto to throw away? The unforgivable mistake you must never make!

If you often have problems with sautéing, it is certainly because you make some simple but trivial mistakes. Here are the ones you should never do again.

Knowing how to prepare a good sauté is essential in order to obtain dishes that are fragrant and rich in taste. Succeeding, however, is another story altogether.

suffered mistakes

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In preparing one it is indeed very easy to fall into error, indeed, in more errors. For this reason, today we will explain to you which are the ones that you should absolutely avoid to get truly unique dishes able to surprise everyone.

The mistakes you should never make again when preparing the sauté

If you are a lover of sautéed but you can never get the result you want, the fault is certainly those mistakes you make every time without even realizing it.

suffered mistakes

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Mistakes that once understood and avoided will lead you to the perfect result. And all without any effort. So here are the ones you should start avoiding right away.

Use frozen vegetables

Let’s start with one of the most common and serious mistakes. Frozen vegetables are good for emergencies but certainly not for a good sauté. And this also applies to any “ready-made” sautéed. Once ready, in fact, it would be mushy and undoubtedly less fragrant and flavorful of what you could quickly get with one made at home from scratch.

Choose non-quality vegetables

The indispensable component for a good sauté are obviously vegetables. And these must be of quality. Taking what is on hand without caring for its structure and consistency is therefore highly wrong. Once you have acquired this (really fundamental) notion, your sauté will take the right path acquiring more and more chances of becoming what you have always dreamed of.

Randomly cutting vegetables is one of the most common mistakes made with sautéing

A good sauté must be almost impalpable but feel in terms of taste. To achieve such a result it is important cut the vegetables to give them more or less the same size. This will help prevent some overcooking and others falling behind. And, even better, you’ll also avoid finding yourself with scorched vegetables.

Cut the onion too finely

Every self-respecting sauté contains onion or shallot. The most common mistake, however, is to chop both too thinly. This leads to the burns already mentioned earlier. To avoid them altogether, therefore, it is better to avoid falling into this error and cook the onions to the right point.

Fry the vegetables

If this is the name of the sauté, there is a reason. And this is that it should never be fried. In fact, by doing it you risk making everything heavy and able to dominate the dishes in which you choose to insert it, instead of accompanying them as it should. It is therefore really important to be careful when cooking. By doing this you will avoid one of the most serious mistakes that are usually made with sautéed.

Once you have learned to avoid these mistakes, just as happened after discovering the most common ones that are made with avocado, your sauté will be much tastier and will allow you to get what you want from your dishes.