Sofia of Sweden pregnant, how is the Princess after the positivity at Covid

Sofia of Sweden pregnant, how is the Princess after the positivity at Covid

The Princess is pregnant with her third child. The Royal Family makes his conditions known after contracting the virus

Sofia of Sweden, the third pregnancy

After the official announcement of Princess Sofia's third pregnancy in December, the health of the Royals of Sweden has raised some concern due to the Coronavirus.

Charles Philip and Sofia of Sweden had in fact begun to show the classic flu symptoms at the end of November and were immediately placed in quarantine. The situation had alarmed the entire Royal Family because the couple in those days had taken part in the funeral of the Queen's brother and uncle of the Prince, Walther Sommerlath.

The Princess, before experiencing the virus firsthand, had done her utmost to make her contribution to the Swedish health system, participating and successfully completing an online training program that enabled her to volunteer in the hospital of which she is President Honorary, the Sophiahemmet Hospital.

The news that everyone was waiting for comes right from the Palace through an official statement released to the Swedish magazine Svensk Damtiding, and the words are a clear reassurance on Sofia's condition: "the Princess is fine and everything is going well".

In support of the happy news of the pregnancy, a photo was also published on the official Instagram profile of the Swedish Royal Family, in which Charles Philip and Sofia are portrayed in black and white, smiling and serene. The post states that the couple's third child should arrive towards the end of March, at the latest in the first weeks of April 2021. Sofia and Carlo Filippo are already parents of Alessandro (4 years old) and Gabriele (3 years old).

After the usual photos and those taken on the occasion of Saint Lucia, where the Princess's pregnancy is barely mentioned, now the world is waiting to see Sofia's baby bump, waiting to meet the Royal Baby in person who will arrive in the spring.

Sofia of Sweden turned 36 at the beginning of December and the one she lives with her husband Carlo Filippo is a modern fairy tale that makes the most romantics dream: she with a past as a model and he described for years as a golden bachelor , since 2010 they have been one of the most loved royal couples, and now, having overcome even the fear of the virus, the family is ready to expand further.

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